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 The When to Plant app is available now for $1.99!  

Knowing the best times to start seeds, direct sow and transplant garden crops is key to growing a successful garden. Our When to Plant app gives you the best planting times for vegetables, herbs, fruit, cover crops and common companion planting flowers.  

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By using your ZIP code and a database of almost 5,000 weather stations across North America, the When to Plant app locates average frost dates for your garden from the nearest station, and calculates the best range of planting dates for each crop.  


This app is a helpful tool for spring, summer and fall planting. You can specify that the app recommend separate spring and fall planting times for cool-season crops in areas with hot summers or long growing seasons. The app includes planting times and growing information on more than 120 crops and plants.  


The When to Plant app is available in the Apple App Store for $1.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. For information about other apps by MOTHER EARTH NEWS, see our Wiser Living Apps info page


Here is a glimpse of the When to Plant app, plus more about what it can do: 

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From the app’s home page, you can choose to view plants alphabetically (by clicking “All Plants”), by sowing month or by crops that can be planted immediately in your area. You can also mark crops as your favorites, and easily view just your favorites list.  









Click on any crop or plant in the When to Plant app, and you can see the “window” of time in which you can direct sow, start seeds indoors, plant out, and harvest that crop based on the frost dates in your ZIP code.  

The different colored lines show different planting info: The blue line shows when you can start seeds indoors, the green line shows when you can direct sow seeds or plant out transplants, and the orange line shows the range of possible harvest dates for the crop.  







The When to Plant app also includes growing information on each of the dozens of crops and plants included. Click on a crop to learn its crop family, preferred soil type, sun requirements, sowing instructions, troubleshooting tips, recommended spacing, how to harvest, and more. 







The app provides easy access to National Weather Service long-range forecast maps (U.S. only). You can see maps projecting temperature, precipitation, weather hazards and drought. 

Try the When to Plant app now. This easy-to-use app will save you time and help you grow a successful, bountiful garden!