Vertical Gardening and Composter in One

Garden Tower Project 

What if we told we that we could grow 50 plants in 4 block feet?

Well it’s probable interjection to a association called The Garden Tower Project that’s formed out of Indiana.

They are now operative on a second era of a Tower that is a straight enclosure garden that has a composting tube builtinto it. It saves we space in dual ways – First, we can grow 50 plants in 4 block feet and second there is no need for an additional compositor.

Your plants are fed and planted all within a same unit. There is now no other product out there utterly like it. Check out a video below:


The Garden Tower Project is now using a Kickstarter campaign to assistance lift supports to furnish and discharge this subsequent era Tower. You can pledge  during several levels, any of that has rewards, though a best choice is to oath during $245, that formula in a new-generation Garden Tower delivered to their front door, shipping included. Learn some-more about their Kickstarter campaign.