Task force meets to demeanour during Florida’s ‘stand your ground’ law

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(CNN) — A assign force set adult to inspect Florida’s “stand your ground” law after a Trayvon Martin sharpened met for a initial time Tuesday, though a personality pronounced a panel’s pursuit goes over a Martin case.

The 19-member row will examination a full range of Florida laws ruling residents’ use of lethal force, not only a issues lifted by Martin’s death, Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll pronounced during a opening of a session.

“This assign force is not here to try a Zimmerman-Martin case. We are charged to examination a open reserve law and make recommendations,” Carroll said.

Gov. Rick Scott convened a assign force amid widespread protests over Martin’s murdering by a area watch proffer in February. The volunteer, George Zimmerman, told military he shot a unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense during a scuffle.

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Zimmerman was arrested on a second-degree murder assign on Apr 11 after a extensive check punctuated by protests and rallies national job for charges opposite him.

The assign force will examination Florida Statutes Title 46, Chapter 776, that deals with justifiable use of force — including a “stand your ground” provision, that allows people to use lethal force when they feel a reasonable hazard of genocide or critical injury. Critics and defenders of a law have argued over only what it allows, when it relates and either it achieves a dictated effect.

Carroll non-stop a record by fortifying a row from allegations that it was built with supporters of a “stand your ground” law, including a unite in a state House of Representatives and 3 other lawmakers who upheld it.

“Out of a 19 sum members of a assign force, we am unknowingly of a other 15 members’ positions on this law or either they preference or displeasure gun laws,” she said. “So it is a mischaracterization for anyone to assume this assign force is not balanced.”

The panel will take testimony during open meetings opposite a state. The initial event will be hold in a state capital, Tallahassee, and a recommendations will be upheld along to a administrator and a Legislature.

Although sum of a sharpened sojourn murky, it is famous that Martin ventured out from a Sanford, Florida, home of his father’s fiancee and went to a circuitously preference store, where he bought a bag of candy and an iced tea. On his approach back, he had a fight with Zimmerman, who shot him.

Critics credit Zimmerman, who is Latino, of racially profiling and unjustly murdering Martin, who was African-American. But Carroll, who is also African-American, pronounced a law underneath examination is “not about race.”

Officials wish a assign force will finish a work by a time of a state’s subsequent legislative session, so changes could be done then, she said. A member of a U.S. Civil Rights Commission, Michael Yaki of San Francisco, pronounced final week that he will ask that group to examine such laws.

CNN’s Kelly Frank and Matt Smith contributed to this report.

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