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3TreasuresHealing South Florida Medical Qigong Energy TrainingOn a new Oprah show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a remarkable NY surgeon and health caring advocate, sited appetite medicine as a medicine of a future. Quoting from Dr. Oz, “The reason I’m so vehement and ardent about choice medicine is (because it is) a globalization of medicine,” Alternative medicines, Dr. Oz noted, bargain with a body’s energy, something that normal Western medicine generally does not recognize. “We’re commencement now to know things that we know in a hearts are loyal though we could never measure. As we get improved during bargain how small we know about a body, we start to comprehend that a subsequent large limit in medicine is appetite medicine. It’s not a fatalistic partial of a joints moving. It’s not a chemistry of a body. It is bargain for a initial time how appetite influences how we feel”.


Qigong is a multiple of dual ideas: Qi” (pronounced chee), means air, exhale of life, or critical appetite that flows by all things in a star and Gong” (pronounced gung, as in lung) means a ability of operative with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement. Together, Qigong means a ability of cultivating critical energy, or a ability to work with a electromagnetic appetite of a body. The physique is enveloped by Qi or electromagnetic currents, inspiring both middle and outmost organ functions. As Qi is a elemental appetite that sustains life, it is benefaction in any dungeon of a body.

Medical Qigong

Medical qigong, is one of a 4 categorical branches of Chinese medicine along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage. Medical Qigong is a investigate of a enterprising map of a physique formed on exemplary and alchemical Chinese Medicine as good as some-more normal Chinese Medicine. Medical Qigong techniques can be used on oneself for self-cultivation or on others as recovering protocols. Prescription exercises, meditations and recovering protocols, raise body, mind and suggestion and can also residence a energetics of specific illness patterns.

Medical Qigong, recovering occurs by balancing qi or electromagnetic appetite that surrounds and pervades all vital creatures. Chinese medicine is a finish complement of medicine that recognizes a base causes of symptoms or disease, and treats a customer as a whole system. The idea of all recovering is not to customarily provide symptoms though rather to establish any client’s sold imbalances with a idea on anticipating a base causes. In a future, diseases will be seen and worked with before they strech a earthy body. This is loyal surety medicine and a lapse to a ancient Chinese approach where a alloy was paid customarily when a customer was well.

When illness is present, vital changes are customarily compulsory during all levels: physical, energetic, emotional/mental and spiritual. Each of these levels, other than a physical, can be deliberate as a pointed physique or margin that surrounds and middle penetrates a earthy body. These pointed bodies and their effects have been duly remarkable by Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Chinese Medicine considers male to be a overpass between sky and earth. As such, for any one of us to strech a full intensity requires us to be during palliate and teeming during all of these levels. Medical Qigong is an glorious enterprising recovering modality regardless of either we are a customer or a practitioner.

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Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong (China)
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