Planting Apple Trees

When we start planting apple trees, follow these manners to urge your chances of success.

 In that partial of a nation within USDA Zones 6 to 8, we can start planting apple trees possibly in a early open (before they root out) or in a late tumble (after they’ve left dormant). North of Zone 6, however, apple planting is flattering most singular to prime . . . given a sour winter continue in such areas would kill newly planted trees. (Most apples do feeble in a really comfortable Zones 9 and 10: There usually isn’t adequate winter chilling to prove a plants’ dormancy needs.)


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There are usually a few manners to be followed in planting, though they are critical and should be celebrated closely. First, it’s essential that a roots never dry out: Keep a tree out of a object and wind, and make certain a roots are damp until they’re safely underground. Next, puncture a big hole . . . during slightest twice as far-reaching and low as a healthy widespread of a roots. (Of course, a swindle between a rootstock and a scionwood contingency be above a ground: Otherwise a scion will send down a possess roots, and a dwarfing movement of a rootstock will be better ed.) Pack topsoil firmly around a roots, and drip a bucket of H2O around a case after a hole is filled in. If you’re planting a tree on Malling IX rootstock, it’s going to need support, so expostulate a interest in now . . . and be certain to place a hardware cloth collar around a bottom of all trees to deflect off inspired mice and rabbits.

Freshly planted apple trees should be pruned in sequence to recompense for a detriment of tributary roots during transplanting. If you’re flourishing one-year-old whips, simply cut a above-ground apportionment of a branch behind about a third. Branched trees ought to be pruned to 4 or 5 clever branches . . . and afterwards even these stems should be cut behind to 3/4 their strange length.

In destiny years, it’s best to follow a recommendations of a good pruning manual: One that we’ve used is Pruning Simplified by Lewis Hill (Rodale Press, 1979).