Mother’s Six Inch Alcohol Fuel Still

Tinkerer and MOTHER EARTH NEWS researcher Clarence Goosen has combined a functioning still with a 6 in. mainstay that produces as many as 10 times some-more fuel than his strange 3 in. design.

Produce 8 gallons of alcohol
fuel per hour during a minimal cost.


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Six-Inch-Column Still! 

Bigger competence not always be better, but
where a ethanol fuel still is concerned, it does compensate for a tiny plantation or homestead
to take advantage of a prolongation advantages that distance can offer. That’s
why—after conceptualizing this publication’s initial unsentimental alcohol
distillery—researcher Clarence Goosen immediately began operative on a new,
bigger apparatus . . . which, as it turns out, not usually utilizes all a best
features of a strange three-inch-column still and improves on them,
but Is able of producing between 8 and 10 times some-more fuel than could
the initial model!

Now we competence consider that—because the
new still has a ability that’s 1,000% incomparable than that of a aged one— it
would cost that many some-more than a predecessor, too. However, given of the
fact that a incomparable chronicle was intentionally designed to use reduction copper and—for
the many part—common (or scrap) steel batch in a construction, we can
probably build a whole section for about $500 if you’re a able scrounger!
(And this figure Is, of course, hardly twice a cost of convention a smaller

alcohol-maker is wood-fired, and has a crush ability of 275 gallons (the
storage vessel is no some-more than a salvaged fuel oil tank). Like a smaller
relative, a new indication has a stripper and a reflux mainstay … however, in the
most new design, both are done from inexpensive 6″ skinny wall tubing
rather than dear copper.

Also, a still’s potency has
been Increased by replacing a marble packing—used in a three-inch column
model—with commercially accessible 5/8″ “Pall rings” (they’re
about 25% some-more effective than marbles), that yield 131 block feet of
surface area per cubic feet and concede for 90% giveaway gas space. (In effect, this
means that a rings give us a near-perfect change of dual fascinating features
… given we need copiousness of aspect area to “strip” as many water
from a ethanol vapors as possible, nonetheless we contingency also yield a sincerely large
volume within a mainstay to grasp a high ability upsurge rate.)

Another reason MOTHER EARTH NEWS’
six-inch-column still works so good Is that it was designed to maintain
temperature equilibrium. In other words, even yet a distillery’s
volume-per-hour outlay is increased—since some-more ethanol fog is forced into the
column than it can hoop on a possess though overheating—the correct
temperature change is achieved (from a non-static hot indicate of a mash
at a bottom of a mainstay to 175°F during a top) given a mainstay contains
two feverishness exchangers that mislay many of a regard though leave a alcohol
distillate within a column.