Methane Production: The Rural Gasification Project’s Biogas Workshop

In 1979, a MOTHER EARTH NEWS staffer attended a seminar on methane prolongation sponsored by New Life Farm’s Rural Gasification Project.

 If you’ve been reading MOTHER EARTH NEWS for any time during all, you’re substantially informed with a pioneering investigate on methane era documented in this publication’s pages behind in a early 1970’s. For example, we competence remember a successful biogas generator built by Richard Shuttleworth… that constructed flamable fuel for cooking, heating, and even banishment an inner explosion engine from zero some-more than organic rubbish materials. Since then, yet a repository has lonesome a innumerable of


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other choice appetite projects, a investigate people have been gripping adult to date on developments in methane production.

As a matter of fact, one of a staffers recently attended a week-long seminar on gobar (the tenure is subsequent from a Hindi word for dung) gas make … organised by a Rural Gasification Project, a auxiliary of a New Life Farm of Drury, Missouri. The module valid to be profitable adequate to remonstrate us that you ought to know about it.

The seminar began with a technical refurbish on methanogenic biochemistry (the basis of gripping gas-producing bacterial cultures active) … afterwards continued with visits to 5 methane digesters, instruction on a latest in digester design, and some hands-on believe in blending adult a slurry to furnish methane gas. Not usually was a believe transmitted firsthand, though a practical proceed taken by a instructors seemed to fit everybody from farmers to college professors.

Of course, over a training that went on during tangible instruction, there was a equally useful sell of information among a dual dozen participants … who ranged from dairy operators to supervision choice appetite experts, and enclosed such notables as Ram Bux Singh (perhaps a father of methane growth in a U.S.). There was nearby concept agreement in a eager organisation that — with a stream appetite connect in this country — a time for biogas is finally here.