Marissa Alexander, Florida Mom, Faces Mandatory 20 Years In Prison After …

It took scarcely a year’s value of aroused earthy abuse before Marissa Alexander motionless to mount her belligerent opposite her husband.

On Aug. 1, 2010, her father cornered her in their Jacksonville, Fla., home. Alexander pronounced she ran to a garage to escape, though a garage doorway was jammed, so Alexander grabbed a pistol. Her husband, Rico Gray, 36, saw a gun and threatened to kill her, Alexander would after contend in probity documents.

Fearing for her life, she lifted a pistol above her conduct and squeezed a trigger, a burst of gunfire pelting a kitchen ceiling.

While a sharpened might have gotten Alexander out of one jam, it put her in another: She has been in a Florida jail given 2010 available a imperative judgment of 20 years in jail for aggravated conflict with a lethal weapon.

The 31-year-old mom of 3 has pronounced that she believes she had a authorised right to strengthen herself that day underneath Florida’s Stand Your Ground law, that gives adults stretched rights to use force when threatened with corporeal harm. But moments after a shooting, Gray ran outward and called military alleging that Alexander shot during him and his dual sons. Alexander was arrested and charged with 3 depends of aggravated conflict with a lethal weapon.

Gray after altered his story about a shooting. During a probity conference to establish either or not Alexander could be stable underneath a Stand Your Ground Law, Gray pronounced he’d lied during his progressing deposition and that he “begged and pleaded for my life when she had a gun.”

A decider deserted Alexander’s Stand Your Ground defense, observant that she could have transient her assailant “through a front or behind door,” probity annals say. The State Attorney’s Office offering her a defence understanding that would have sent her to jail for a few years, though she deserted it, anticipating to remonstrate a jury that she was fortifying herself.

It took a jury 12 mins to find her guilty.

Under a state’s imperative sentencing guidelines, Alexander faces a 20-year jail judgment with no possibility of early release. She could be condemned as early as subsequent week, though during 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Alexander will be in probity for a pre-sentencing hearing, where her attorneys will ask for a new trial.

“This is my life I’m fighting for,” Alexander pronounced in an interview with CNN. “If we do all to get on a right side of a law, and it is a law that does not request to you, where do we go from there?”

The genocide of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, about dual hours south of Jacksonville in Sanford, has sparked new seductiveness in a state’s Stand Your Ground law. Martin was shot and killed in late Feb by George Zimmerman, a area watch proffer who claimed that he shot Martin in self-defense. The military questioned Zimmerman a night of a sharpened though let him go hours later, observant that they did not have adequate justification to opposite his self-defense claims. The military arch during a time cited a citizen’s right to titillate himself or herself underneath state law.

Zimmerman has given been charged with second-degree murder in Martin’s killing. The State Attorney’s Office in Jacksonville obliged for a Alexander box is led by Angela Corey, a special prosecutor heading a charge opposite Zimmerman. Her bureau could not be reached for comment.

Alexander’s family and supporters pronounced hers is a transparent box of self-defense, given Gray’s aroused story of abuse and a resources surrounding a incident. What exacerbates Alexander’s box is Florida’s 10-20-Life statutes, they say.

In Florida, anyone who pulls a gun during a crime receives a imperative 10-year sentence. Firing a gun during a elect of a crime equals a imperative 20-year sentence. Anyone convicted of sharpened and murdering another chairman during a crime is condemned to 25 to life in prison.

Alexander, who did not have a rapist record before a shooting, was convicted of transgression conflict with a gun.

“Florida has some of a some-more draconian imperative smallest laws in a country,” pronounced Greg Newburn, a orator for Families Against Minimum Mandates, an classification that has worked to idle a state’s imperative sentencing laws. “It’s a judgment that’s unequivocally a problem in this case. You have a chairman who believes that she is safeguarding herself and believes she is lonesome by state law. But a approach a law is written, it doesn’t yield for any kind of eminence for anyone that acts out of malice and someone who act out of fear.”

Helena Jenkins, 26, Alexander’s younger sister, pronounced a law that should have stable her has unsuccessful her. “I feel like she is being punished for doing a right thing,” Jenkins said. “I feel a law wasn’t inspected from a beginning, it was like, no one looked during it as what it unequivocally was.”

The internal NAACP and women’s advocacy groups have rallied around Alexander’s box to titillate probity officials to extend her a new trial.

“The village is angry about it, formed on a story of her father and this being domestic violence,” pronounced Isaiah Rumlin, conduct of a Jacksonville bend of a NAACP. “We have been operative with her lawyer, operative with a State Attorney’s Office perplexing to titillate them to only demeanour during this thing on a merits.”

Angela M. Nixon, a orator for Florida New Majority, an classification that works to commission women and underserved communities, pronounced a Alexander box exemplifies how ill-equipped a probity complement is to strengthen a many vulnerable.

“A woman’s right to strengthen herself shouldn’t be on trial,” Nixon said. “A woman’s right to safety, to strengthen herself from harm’s way, from violence, from being killed should not be on trial.”

Alexander had given birth only 9 days before a 2010 shooting. The integrate had been married 3 months, though given early in their relationship, Gray had choked, pushed and beaten her, Alexander’s family told HuffPost. Gray was arrested a year before to a sharpened occurrence for an conflict that put Alexander in a hospital.

In a deposition after a incident, Gray pronounced he had “laid hands” on scarcely each partner that he’s had.

That day in August, Gray became barbarous when he went by Alexander’s dungeon phone and found messages to her ex-husband, who remained her tighten friend. “I told her if she ever cheated on me, we would kill her,” Gray pronounced in a deposition.

“If my kids weren’t there, we knew we substantially would have attempted to take a gun from her,” he pronounced of a sharpened incident. “If my kids wouldn’t have been there, we substantially would have put my palm on her.”

“I got 5 baby-mamas and we put my hands on each final one of them solely for one.”

Gray and Alexander have corner control of their now 2-year-old daughter, though Jenkins pronounced Gray doesn’t concede their side of a family to see her.

Alexander’s ex-husband, Lincoln Alexander, pronounced he and her family will keep fighting a box until a really end. “I know she’s innocent,” he said. “I’m not going to give adult on her.”

If Alexander isn’t postulated a new trial, she could be condemned as early as subsequent week. Her family and friends are anticipating for a best, though scheming for a existence that Alexander could spend afterwards subsequent dual decades behind bars.

“It hurts,” pronounced Helena Jenkins, Alexander’s sister. “It’s like, carrying a square of we ripped divided each time we consider about her. My stomach drops only meaningful what kind of chairman she is and what she’s going through.”

Jenkins pronounced Alexander is her impulse and her hero, carrying graduated with her bachelor’s grade in mechanism network engineering and after her MBA. But, when it came to adore and amatory Gray, she described her sister as an “addict.”

She pronounced didn’t know Alexander was being abused until Gray put her in a sanatorium in 2009. “She attempted to hang by it with him and she hoped that something opposite would spin about, though it finished so tragically for Marissa,” Jenkins said.

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