Bump on the Way

Morning everyone, we have been posting updates over on our Facebook page  on the possible development of an area of low pressure discussed in our last update. The development never came to fruition but has enhanced an East Coast Pan Handle bump that should start showing this afternoon. Seas have come up quickly over in the GOMEX maxing out at about 9 feet. There is alot of East wind over much of the GOMEX as of report time that should get a little more SE in it by tomorrow reinforcing the Easterly swell.over the next couple of days. As for the East Coast winds just started to pick up on the East Canav Buoy this morning so surf should get into the ride-able range for NE Florida later today into tomorrow. Ride-able surf has already hit the coast from central Florida South.

Here’s an image from this morning depicting what’s left.

This whole area will slide off to the NW and dissipate over the next couple of days. The trough of low pressure extends from the tip of the Yuke up into the Central GOMEX as depicted by the yellow dashed line.

Taking a look at the latest run of the GFS starting today you can see the area circled above to the chart below is accurate. The P gradient has tightened a bit and winds in this region are blowing East at around 25 kts.

 For Wednesday it continues sliding up towards the La/Tx border with the gradient relaxing a bit with the flow turning SE. SE winds for the East Coast as well with an area of low pressure kicking off the Mid-Atlantic states.

On Thursday trough of low pressure elongates over on the GOMEX side while nearing the coast. This should continue to keep seas elevated. Low pressure intensifies in the NW Atlantic which could set up P.R. with a short mini swell. Wait and See. 

Moving over to Friday winds becoming light offshore NE Florida as High pressure sets up over the SE region. Winds will be out of the East Central Florida South. Low pressure gone from the GOMEX.

More of the same on Saturday so not looking like much for the Wave Masters Contest with West winds for most everyone. Low in the North Central Atlantic possibly setting up our friends at NGOR Surf Camp with break from the doldrums.

Repeat performance on Sunday however a NW flow regime setting up that COULD give West Florida a small bump.

This part of the forecast becomes iffy with another Low forecast to kick off the NE Coast so we don’t want to speculate at the moment but we could see an area of low pressure along the SE U.S. Coast as we move into Tuesday. Notice the orange shades specifically off the SC/Ga coastline.


As we get into Tuesday this drops down to Central Florida with a light NE Surge coming. Wait and See again.


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