Building an Economy Centered on Wind Energy

The 21st century promises to be a century for renewable appetite sources to take a lead and build a new appetite economy, with breeze appetite heading a way.

Wind Turbines in Field

We’re vehement to share an moving new news about a conspicuous change to renewable appetite that is now underway opposite a globe.

While many of a news we hear about a sourroundings is doom and gloom, in this essay Lester R. Brown, boss of a Earth Policy Institute and author of a book, World on a Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse, outlines how fast renewable appetite options are building — generally breeze and solar power, though also electric vehicles, hydropower and geothermal resources.

Brown demonstrates that a transition is now good underway from an economy built on hoary fuels to a universe powered by renewable energy. Long-term, this is good news for shortening atmosphere pollution, negligence meridian change and building an economy that is eccentric of ever-more-expensive alien oil. And a tellurian renewable appetite bang means thousands of new jobs in a entrance years.

For example, many of a electricity in a United States now comes from blazing coal, that is a vital means of meridian disruption. But as startling as it might seem, Brown points out that spark use is already on a decline. The United States is indeed blazing reduction spark than we were only 5 years ago. Meanwhile, a expansion of breeze appetite is astonishing—electricity from breeze turbines is augmenting by 40 to 50 percent a year!

If we make a full joining to renewable energy, Brown writes, by 2020, a universe could furnish all a electricity from solar, wind, hydropower and geothermal, and we could proviso out hoary fuels.

“For a initial time given a Industrial Revolution began,” he says, “we are investing in sources of appetite that can final as prolonged as a Earth itself.” — MOTHER  


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The good appetite transition from hoary fuels to renewable sources of appetite is underway. As hoary fuel prices rise, as oil distrust deepens, and as concerns about wickedness and meridian instability expel a shade over a destiny of coal, a new universe appetite economy is emerging. The aged appetite economy, fueled by oil, coal, and healthy gas, is being transposed with an economy powered by wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

We hereditary a fossil-fuel-based universe appetite economy from a nineteenth and a twentieth centuries. The nineteenth century was a century of coal. During a twentieth century oil took a lead. The twenty-first century will go to wind.

It is time to pattern an appetite economy for a twenty-first century, one that is CO free, wickedness free, and that does not need H2O for cooling as thermal and chief plants do. Once we conclude a goals, a margin narrows quickly. Coal, oil, and healthy gas are an critical partial of a appetite past, though not of a appetite future.

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