Boeing Tests Parachute System for CST-100 Spacecraft

The Bluest Sky

The categorical parachutes muster for Boeing’s organisation plug during a parachute dump exam on May 2, 2012. This is a second successful parachute dump exam for a Crew Space Transportation (CST) spacecraft, partial of Boeing’s bid to rise blurb organisation travel capabilities that could packet U.S. astronauts to and from low-Earth circuit and a International Space Station.

To accomplish a task, a helicopter carried a CST-100 organisation plug to about 10,000 feet above a Delmar Dry Lake Bed nearby Alamo, Nev. A drogue parachute deployment method was initiated, followed by deployment of a categorical parachute. The plug descended to a well-spoken belligerent landing, cushioned by 6 arrogant atmosphere bags.

Image Credit: Boeing