Be Self Sufficient with Sweet Potatoes; Harden off Your Tomatoes

unusually comfortable continue in Mar followed by a soppy and cold Apr reinforces the
wisdom of watchful until a continue is staid and a belligerent entirely warm
before planting prohibited continue crops in a garden.  The initial comfortable spell after May Day is usually
when we plant a sweet potato slips and transplant categorical stand of tomatoes here in Central Virginia. 

sweet potatoes seedlings in a immature house 

potatoes need a prolonged comfortable duration to furnish abundantly, though even folks adult north can grow this healthful crop. It’s also an ideal
storage stand for those looking to be food self-sufficient.  Each plant can produce some-more than a bruise of
sweet potatoes that will store good for 6-12 months though refrigeration.
gardeners start with slips (young plants) purchased from a internal garden center
or creditable mail sequence source. Your new slips might not have roots, though don’t
worry, they’ll grow roots once they’re in a ground. The new
Southern Exposure Sweet Potato flourishing guide
tells we all about how to
grow, heal and store honeyed potatoes in a Southeast.

Before we transplant those large tomato seedling that we have been holding
off on putting in a belligerent until this untimely cold continue passes, make
sure to take a time to harden them off. Because they’ve been pampered, they
need to be introduced solemnly to a elements of breeze and heated sun.

tomato seedlingsamy sugarine gem tomato  

First we will put plants outside usually for brief durations of time, perhaps
for a integrate of hours. You’ll wish to set them in a semi-shaded area of the
yard. Gradually, we will boost a time plants are kept outdoors; which
gradually increases their object exposure. After 6 to 8 days, your plants will be
ready for a outside life.

As partial of acclimating a plants to a outdoors, we also will cut behind on
watering. This will concede plants to harden and will ready them for being
transplanted. Now we are on your approach to a carrying big
juicy tomatoes early
in a season.

While we are watchful for that initial vine completed tomato, try this recipe
with your early cabbage.

raw meal early jersey wakefield cabbage 


10 cups shredded immature cabbage
3 cups shredded purple
1 crater of minced purple
1 tablespoon garlic
1 tablespoon onion
1/2 cup rice
3 uninformed jalapeno peppers, diced
¼ crater shredded
½ crater olive

Mix all a ingredients, marinate
about 30 mins before serving, stirring frequently.

Thanks for interlude by and we wish you’ll come behind mostly to see
what we’re flourishing and cooking.


Ira Wallace lives and
gardens during Acorn Community Farm home of

Exposure Seed Exchange

where she
coordinates accumulation preference and seed growers. Southern Exposure offers
700+varieties of Non-GMO, open pollinated and organic seeds. Ira is also a
co-organizer of a

Heritage Harvest Festival during Monticello

. She serves on a house of a Organic Seed Alliance and is a
frequent presenter during a Mother Earth News Fairs

and many other events

via the
Southeast. Her initial book a

“The Timber Press Guide to
Vegetable Gardening in a Southeast” will be accessible in 2013