Weather Postpones Shuttle Enterprise Flight to New York


Weather Postpones Shuttle Enterprise Flight to New York

WASHINGTON — NASA’s designed moody to New York City of space convey Enterprise atop a 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) has been deferred until serve notice due to an adverse continue foresee for Monday, Apr 23.

To safeguard a protected moody for Enterprise and a SCA, NASA managers, in conference with a Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum, motionless Friday to check a moody since of severe continue likely in both New York and Washington, where a moody will originate.

Managers will continue to examination continue forecasts and announce a new moody date as shortly as practical.

Media will have entrance to a open areas during Dulles to perspective a depart of Enterprise. Media promulgation crews to Dulles should hit a Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Office of Public Affairs during 703-417-8370.

After vacating Washington, a SCA and Enterprise will fly over several tools of a New York City civil area before alighting and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Several weeks following a arrival, Enterprise will be “demated” from a 747 and placed on a boat that will be changed by tugboat adult a Hudson River to a Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in June. The convey will be carried by derrick and placed on a moody rug of a Intrepid where it will be on vaunt to a open starting this summer in a proxy climate-controlled pavilion. The Intrepid continues work on a permanent vaunt trickery to showcase Enterprise that will raise a museum’s space-related exhibits and preparation curriculum.

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