Titanic in 3D – The Boat Still Sinks

“Promise me Jack, you’ll never let go.”  That’s just one of three things that I remember from the movie.  To be fair I was just a young teenager when James Cameron’s Titanic came out in the theatres.  I remember going to see it though I don’t think I really grasped it back then.  It’s themes were a bit too complex for teenage me.  All we did is joke about how the boat sinks at the end (sorry for the spoiler).  Now 15 years later it’s back in theatres for a limited engagement now this time in 3D!

Yes he did it.  James Cameron, the pioneer of great 3D movies (Avatar – if I do say so  myself) has taken his big epic boat and 3D-ified it.  To be honest this prospect really didn’t excite me at all. That was until I came across this review article at Vulture that touted how great the movie is.  It wasn’t that the author thought the movie itself was great but he touted how great the movie looked in 3D.  In fact the author admitted to not caring too much for the movie plot 15 years ago.  Apparently the work James did to remake the world in 3D just truly enhanced all of those scenes.  You can read all his details by clicking the link above.  I’ll give another nod to the movie for its two leads.  Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet were pretty spectacular in their respective roles and both have had very successful careers since then.

So I’m not exactly running to the theatre to see this new rendition.  It’s only been out for one day (re-premiered April 4th) so there’s some time.  It may or may not fit into my schedule.  When I do get to see it maybe I’ll remember more than those three things.  Oh, by the way, the other two things I remember are carriage car sex (teenage boy) and “My heart will go on.”

What do you think?  Going to see it or not?