The 10 Commandments – A Passover / Easter Tradition – VIDEO

“Let my people go!”  It’s one of my favorite lines from one of a many classical cinema of all time.  Yes, we guessed it.  It’s Cecil B. DeMille’s glorious biblical epic.  The revelation of a story of Moses from a baby floating in a Nile, by princedom, by exodus from Egypt all a approach to receiving a 10 commandments.  It stars a gloriously absolute Charleton Heston as Moses, Yul Brynner as Pharaoh and Anne Baxter as Queen Nefretiri.  It’s one of my favorite cinema of all time.

It’s also a yearly staple.  The 10 Commandments is to Passover / Easter as It’s a Wonderful Life is to Christmas.  I remember examination it when we was younger always vehement for it, nonetheless we never utterly finished it by a whole film behind then.  I usually adore a movie.  It’s not a eremite thing during all, we can’t widen that indicate enough.  It’s usually good cinema and we adore good cinema.  For 1956 a visuals were amazing.  I would always be in astonishment each time we saw Moses partial a Red Sea.  Charleton’s clever description of Moses in all tools of his life was usually so good done.  The film is usually smashing in so many ways.  No consternation it is an Academy Award winner.  Though it usually won one 1956 endowment for Best Special Effects  it perceived a sum of 7 nominations for Best Picture, Best Art Direction/Set Decoration, Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing and Best Sound and a difficulty it won.

I remember it always airing on Sunday nights on ABC, yet we could be wrong.  We’re removing a yearly sip of a film tonight, Saturday Apil 7 during 7:00pm ET.  It’s a prolonged film (especially when aired on TV with commercials) so it will run we roughly 5 hours.  It’s scheduled to finish during 11:44 pm ET.  It’s all function on ABC.

Watch a trailer for a film next and we  hope you’re as vehement as we am.  I’ll be DVRing it usually in box we skip parts.  Happy Passover and Happy Easter everyone.  Enjoy!