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ThePanamaCollection Panama Real Estate   Land for SaleOcean Ridge Estates is located on a western slope of a Azuero Peninsula, and is presumably a usually mini-ranch plan in Panama, with estate lots trimming from 4 – 12 acres. When we squeeze land in Panama, we have many some-more artistic options on how to use your property. You can fast horses, grow vast fruit orchards and/or gardens, put in walking trails, endless landscaping, etc. You will also have a turn of remoteness that is distant higher to projects charity smaller lots.

Ocean Ridge Estates is design perfect, bordered to a north by a Rio Negro (Black River), to a west by a Pacific Ocean and surrounded by towering views from a north, south and east.

  • Stable approved government
  • Perfect year-round ascetic meridian in Panama
  • Low cost of living, with many retirement benefits
  • Excellent medical system
  • Low crime rate
  • Full pretension tenure of property

This 102-acre plan facilities 16 oversized lots trimming in distance from 3 to 12 acres.
The village is located on a western slope of a Azuero Peninsula. This is a comparatively undiscovered area of Panama. With Panama’s stream genuine estate boom, now is a time to squeeze land while prices are still low.

We are bi-lingual in both English and Spanish. As a U.S. formed company, we know your needs and any questions we might have when purchasing land in a unfamiliar country.

Own a 4 – 12 Acre Mini Ranch in Paradise

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