Novus Supports New Florida Laws That Fight Prescription Drug Abuse

Many detox centers in Florida spin divided those high-dosage remedy drug abusers since a detoxing routine during their places is usually so harsh

Palm Harbor, Fla (PRWEB) Apr 16, 2012

There appears to be a tipping indicate when a cost of an obsession can’t means a high. That’s usually one of a reasons since Novus Medical Detox Center is experiencing an uptick in a series of patients it is now treating for remedy drug abuse. Based in a Tampa Bay segment of Florida, a state that’s been coined “Oxy Express” for prolonged being a nation’s heart for a bootleg sale of remedy drugs, Novus has seen an rare arise in patients abusing remedy drugs. In fact, a center’s investigate shows that 44 percent of a patients became dependant to drugs that a alloy legally prescribed them for medical reasons. Sixty-nine percent of final year’s patients were certified for remedy drug addiction.

But Florida has been enormous down, interjection to tough, new laws targeting a bootleg and untrustworthy prescribing practices of doctors, pharmacists, pain hospital operators and other forms of “pill mills,” where remedy drugs are being purchased underneath a list and resold during black-market prices. Specifically, in Jul 2010, Florida taboo (with some exceptions) doctors from dispensing narcotics and addictive medicines in offices or clinics, according to a New York Times1 article. That before October, another anathema had already started tying how many pills a alloy could dispense, a essay stated. Doctors’ purchases of Oxycodone, that in Florida strike 32.2 million doses in a initial 6 months of 2010, afterwards fell by 97 percent in that same duration in 20111. Consequently, a fever state’s new laws have been creation it harder and some-more dear for addicts to source and feed their habits. Finally, Florida has a arms to use in a conflict opposite bootleg remedy drug abuse, according to Kirk Burness, Director of Novus.

“By enforcing these new laws, a state is criminalizing a prescribing of mass quantities of pills though transparent need, and that’s timorous a supply sequence of bootleg remedy drugs that’s been contributing to a problem,” Burness says. “Here during Novus, we support such new laws. The onslaught to fuel an obsession mostly becomes a matter for seeking detox and treatment.”

Located in a peaceful, relaxed and private location, Novus is a novelty, being that it’s one of a usually Florida-based detox centers that can hoop high-dosage remedy drug abusers. Novus accomplishes this by following despotic protocols, for example, never “experimenting on” patients and usually regulating drugs on an as indispensable basement to safeguard a safe, reduction harrowing detox process. Novus also provides a daily, customized studious module that’s practiced to maintain a patient’s progression. Patients accept healthy supplements, plenty hydration and physic IV treatments, e.g., vitamins, minerals and amino acids, that is partial of Novus’ exclusive treatment. Because of this, Novus patients, on discharge, contend they feel improved than before they ever started doing drugs.

Notably, during Novus, studious “support” doesn’t meant usually a earthy detox experience. The Novus group honestly treats any studious as a tellurian being, rather than some problem in multitude or, worse, usually another “drug addict.”

“Many detox centers in Florida spin divided those high-dosage remedy drug abusers since a detoxing routine during their places is usually so harsh,” Burness says. “Consequently, a addicts can’t hoop it since it’s so physically worried and emotionally impossible. They’d rather be on a drugs afterwards off, and that totally negates a purpose of a detox efforts.”

Not usually can Novus hoop such studious challenges, though a center’s exclusive nutritive protocols also support in restoring a nutritive lassitude that addicts suffer. This holistic diagnosis proceed builds a improved substructure for studious recovery, apropos a springboard for a healthier mind, physique and spirit.

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About Novus Medical Detox Center

Novus Medical Detox Center offers safe, effective ethanol and drug diagnosis programs in a home-like residential setting. Located on 3.25 tree-lined acres in New Port Richey, Fla., Novus is protected by a Florida Department of Children and Families as an quadriplegic medical detox facility. Novus is famous for minimizing a annoy of withdrawal from remedy medication, drugs or ethanol by formulating a customized detox program for any patient, incorporating medication, healthy supplements and liquid replenishment – putting a grace and amiability behind into drug detoxification. Patients have 24/7 medical supervision, including round-the-clock nursing caring and entrance to a withdrawal specialist, and suffer gentle private or common bedrooms with a telephone, television, DVD actor and high-speed Internet access.

1 The New York Times. “Florida Shutting Down ‘Pill Mill’ Clinics” Aug. 31, 2011 online edition:


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