News Team Assemble: Anchor Man 2 Announced – VIDEO

The other night Will Ferrell done a large dash on Conan when he came out in full Ron Burgundy regalia to announce a Anchor Man sequel.  In standard Ron Burgundy conform he was personification a shriek and  his beard was perfect.  Now this is a supplement we can get behind.  I desired Anchorman when it came out and we still adore it.  At a time we don’t consider we satisfied that a news group could be that funny.  The garb expel was great. we adore any comedy with Paul Rudd and I’d even try to contend it highlighted a early film career of Steve Carrell.  More sum to come later. I’m not even certain when a recover date will be yet.

I wish they arrange a whole news group again.  Thank we for a proclamation Team Coco.  Enjoy!