News Team Assemble: Anchor Man 2 Announced – VIDEO

The other night Will Ferrell made a big splash on Conan when he came out in full Ron Burgundy regalia to announce the Anchor Man sequel.  In typical Ron Burgundy fashion he was playing a flute and  his moustache was perfect.  Now this is a sequel I can get behind.  I loved Anchorman when it came out and I still love it.  At the time I don’t think I realized that a news team could be that funny.  The ensemble cast was great. I love any comedy with Paul Rudd and I’d even venture to say it highlighted the early movie career of Steve Carrell.  More details to come later. I’m not even sure when the release date will be yet.

I hope they assemble the entire news team again.  Thank you for the announcement Team Coco.  Enjoy!