Musing Review: Mad Men – Tea Leaves (S5, Ep3)

This is a hearing of Mad Men Season 5 Episode 3 entitled Tea Leaves.

By now many of we have substantially hearing reviews of this season’s third episode. It took me some time to be means to lay down and watch so here it goes roughly one week late. As we remarkable in my hearing of a deteriorate premiere there were a integrate characters clearly missing, namely Betty and here’s where we got to see her. The part was decent, we wasn’t quite tender yet we wasn’t let down either. Here is what we think.

We non-stop adult with a initial demeanour during Betty and she was not a same lady final saw during a finish of final season. Betty let herself go, to contend it bluntly, she got fat. There have been countless reactions to this on a interweb and I’m not unequivocally adult in arms about it. we hearing that Jan Jones was profound when they started filming a deteriorate and instead of censor her behind a bag or a ideally placed flare they’d use her physique change in a show. we consider it worked. You could see how most this weighed on her (no joke intended) and we could unequivocally see how distraught she was over it. She mislaid cognisance with her father and even Sally started to disregard her (about food). She used to be a indication of course. we totally get this feeling from personal knowledge when I’ve had weight fluctuations and we know many people who’ve left by it.

It’s not something they understanding with most on TV, customarily everybody is usually so flattering and perfect. Mad Men dealt with weight benefit before when Peggy had gained weight due to her “uknown” pregnancy yet they usually had a group creation fun of her. This time was different. They tackled a problem “head on.” Betty had to understanding with Henry who happened to be smashing and desired her usually a approach she was. She also had to understanding with her mother-in-law who is also portly and did not provide her well. It wasn’t fun yet it did set her on a march to understanding with her weight gain. She attempted to take a easy approach out by removing diet pills yet a alloy insisted that he perform a full examination. Unfortunately a examination found a nodule in her neck and it could have been a carcenogenic tumor. Now that positively threw Betty off. She hardly has a ability to understanding with anything and she had a tough time traffic with this. She ran true to Don (interesting) and told him. She had her tests done, found some support from a associate lady and done it by a episode. Thankfully a growth was soft yet it gave her a strength to confront her feelings. She gained behind some cognisance with Henry and it seemed that she’s on her approach behind to her aged self. Maybe not her aged terrible self yet we’ll see where a deteriorate goes.

Not usually did this cancer shock chuck Betty off yet it threw Don off as well. He was unequivocally rapt by this. He was positively endangered about his kids not flourishing adult with a mom yet we consider he caring equally about Betty. As most of a bad father he was he positively always cared about her. Now interestingly adequate he didn’t tell Megan right away. It took him compartment he unequivocally got dissapoint and she confronted him about because for him to mangle a news. He had his reasons, we didn’t determine with them. we suspicion he should have common with his mother right divided yet we theory that’s not Don. Megan was unequivocally good though. A bit angry (and justly so), afterwards she got past it. we unequivocally consider she’s carrying a certain outcome on Don.

Elsewhere in a universe on SCDP a association is growing. Mohawk airlines returned as a customer and a organisation needs to grow. Peggy was put in assign of employing another copywriter. Not a best of stories in Mad Men history. The claimant was overly repulsive and they wrote Peggy as some-more of a infirm impression than she unequivocally is. He was also a small too over a tip stereotypically Jewish. They finished adult employing him on so we’ll get to see how his impression develops.

The tragedy between Roger and Pete continued to feverishness adult in this part as well. Pete publicly flustered Roger when announcing a new business to a whole firm. Roger was not happy during all and left in a huff. Don attempted to console him yet it didn’t work too well. we consider this is going to continue to expand until we strike that hot indicate and a genuine showdown occurs. In a meant time we design some-more mind games.

Of additional note there was a stage where Don and Harry attempted to go find a Rolling Stones’ manager to try and pointer them onto a commercial. It didn’t strike a mark. Don showed adult in his suit, didn’t let lax and Harry is usually removing annoying. He’s got this whole tragedy thing with Don over a lude comments he done about Megan. we don’t consider Don reciprocates. Either approach we usually didn’t like that and it could have been executed better.

So not a bad delay of a storyline. I’ll still contend they’re environment adult a lot of storylines for a season. More Mad Men on tonight and we’ll see where it goes.

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