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ecosimplista 245x300 Green Home  Building Supplies by Eco SimplistaStop wasting changed healthy resources on your kitchen’s countertops. Several shining companies now offer environmentally obliged surfaces. Consider recycled tile countertops, bamboo counters, concrete countertops and a many other options highlighted here. All benefaction appealing and viable alternatives to required countertops.



These options are also accessible for bathrooms, mantels, tradition cabinetry, etc

  • Poured Concrete – healthy organic materials with complicated techniques
  • ALKEMI – recycled aspect element stoical of post-industrial throw waste

These tolerable countertop options have some good immature facilities in common:

  • Eco-friendly materials
  •  Low-VOC or VOC-free in materials, installation, and maintenance
  •  High recycled content
  •  Hypoallergenic and antibacterial
  •  Durable

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How We Select Our Products
When selecting that products we are going to lift we use a following criteria:

Performance – Does it perform as good as or improved than identical products? We exam all products before bringing them into Eco Simplista to sell to a customers.
Health – Is it healthier and safer for us and a sourroundings than identical normal products?
Cost – Is it a pretty labelled resolution for a customers?
Use – Would we privately use it in a workplace or home? Only after we are confident that a product successfully meets all a above mandate do we offer a product to a customers.

Knowledgeable product support
Almost all of a big-box stores are charity equipment that are labeled “green” though mostly times a sales chairman has small or no believe of a product, how to use it or what creates it improved than another product. Everything that we offer in a store not usually have we asked a manufacturer what stairs it has taken to make a product reduction toxic; though in further we have tested it ourselves!

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