Florida laws make barriers to voter participation

Much is being pronounced about Florida’s argumentative new voter registration laws, that make it some-more formidable for people to register and revoke a accessibility of early-voting opportunities. These new measures seem to be a step back in safeguarding a right to opinion for adults of a Sunshine State.

Under a new laws, third-party groups who destroy to record new registration forms with a administrator of elections within 48 hours of collection face unbending fines. As a result, groups such as a League of Women Voters and Rock a Vote have motionless to postpone their registration drives in Florida for fear that correspondence with a new laws is too difficult. These groups have a prolonged story in Florida of removing a people concerned in participating in a electoral routine by registration drives.

Good supervision starts with a voter, and formulating barriers to voter registration or entrance to a polls is discordant to a approved ideals. The right to opinion is sacred, and people have fought and died to strengthen it. we trust supervision should safeguard a limit series of people should be authorised to attend in a electoral process.

While portion as Florida’s governor, we released an executive sequence during a presidential choosing to extend a hours of operation during a polls to safeguard a limit series of people could vote. Under a new laws, a event to opinion early will be restricted, creation it some-more formidable for some-more people to vote.

Florida’s lawmakers bring voter rascal concerns as a reason for a new limitation on third-party voter registration drives. While we have seen no justification of prevalent voter fraud, it is no doubt a critical matter and can offer to revoke certainty in a electoral process. Those who dedicate such a crime should be prosecuted and punished. However, commanding unbending penalties on those who are perplexing to foster appearance in a electoral routine in good faith will many confidently revoke certainty in a electoral process. In a state with approximately 18 million residents and approximately 11.2 million purebred voters, Florida should be doing all it can to foster some-more voter participation, not formulating barriers to it.

Charlie Crist served as administrator of Florida from 2007-2011.