Florida HB503: Excitement for New Real Estate Development Law

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    By Rosa Schechter

    While everybody waits for Florida Governor Rick Scott to pointer HB503 into law, and it’s approaching that Scott will do so – no halt here – Florida genuine estate developers and those who work with land growth are apropos some-more and some-more vehement about this new law. (See a final post for full coverage of a check itself, including a Florida Legislature’s Bill Summary.)

    What’s a vast understanding about HB503?

    Originating with Panama City Representative in a Florida House Jimmy Patronis, HB503 does a fruit basket turnover of Florida’s environmental needing laws. For some, this check is only one some-more instance of a stream Tallahassee trend of overhauling state regulations and throwing a lot of longstanding laws out (for some-more on that, check out my brief ebook on final year’s Florida Community Planning Act).

    Last year’s CPA booted 25 years of land remodel laws out a window. Many are already crediting Tallahassee legislative housecleaning with an boost in state genuine estate growth and land investment. Things are looking improved now, we’re removing to be carefully confident about Florida’s future, and HB503 coattails on this statehouse activity by impacting things like H2O supervision districts in a good way.

    Lots of people expect good things to come from HB503.

    For example, a solid rubbish supervision attention is happy with HB503 given it will assistance them, doing things like uping from 10 to 20 years a terms of assent prolongation of plain rubbish supervision comforts with leachate collection systems. (Facilities but leachate collection systems also see their terms double, from 5 to 10 years.)

    Everyone in a Florida House was happy with HB503, given in passed by unanimous opinion back in Feb with Patrois explaining that a new law is only “common sense.” Democrats and Republicans both suspicion HB503 was a intelligent move.

    Environmentalists forsaken their antithesis to a check after HB503 was good to residence their concerns.

    The news media reports that HB503 acts to effectively purify adult a environmental needing process, doing several things like interlude internal supervision honchos from forcing developers to have some arrange of state assent before they can get a internal growth permit. (Big assistance for genuine estate growth here in Florida.)

    HB503 also is being reported as gutting a need for capitulation from a supervision group before building tiny stormwater projects. Good for development, again.

    The check is also removing news coverage for a substantiating new, longer deadlines for some kinds of environmental apparatus permits. Again, good for growth efficiency.

    Of course, not everybody is happy about HB503: Environmental Activists Ask Governor Scott to Veto HB503

    Right now, there is an online petition that seeks support for Governor Rick Scott to halt HB503 given they are arguing that a new law behaving together with SB716 would kill a Biscayne Bay Aquatic Preserve Act and they are endangered that a transformation of tender sewage from Miami Beach to a Viriginia Key Waste Water Treatment Plant will mistreat Biscayne Bay and a beaches.

    Don’t count on Governor Scott to halt HB503.

    Rosa Eckstein Schechter has been an active member in Florida’s genuine estate village for over 15 years, initial as a transactional profession in vast firms and many recently as ubiquitous warn for dual inhabitant developers. Her mainstay is reprinted with accede from floridacommercialnews.com.

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