Cerabino: Challenge Florida gun law? Go ahead, make their day

By Frank Cerabino

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Updated: 8:57 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Posted: 8:20 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cue a Mission Impossible theme.

Florida Sen. Chris Brown is perplexing to contrition his associate legislators in
re-evaluating a repairs they’ve finished by being a NRA’s handmaidens.

Brown, a Democrat from Fort Lauderdale, has fabricated a row to gleam some
light on a state’s “stand your ground” law that has gotten lots
of courtesy given a murdering of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed 17-year-old who
had committed a crime of walking-while-black in a gated village in

Martin’s torpedo was George Zimmerman, a community-watch Barney Fife, who
despite a story of assault opposite both a military and his wife, was one
of a approximately 900,000 Floridians deemed estimable to wander America’s
fourth many populous state with a secluded weapon.

Sanford authorities have, so far, showed odd esteem to Zimmerman’s
claim that he’s stable from charge by a 2005 state law that allows
Floridians to kill people when they are confronted in situations that may
cause them “great corporeal harm.”

And while a grand jury is scheduled to be convened to arrange that out, Brown
thinks it’s time to reassess a law that has combined a spike in justifiable
homicides opposite a state.

He contingency be crazy. Brown’s been in a state legislature prolonged adequate to realize
that a final thing Florida lawmakers would do is disregard a gun lobby.

Nine days after Martin was shot and killed, a Florida House gave its
departing leader, state Rep. Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, a shotgun as a gift
of appreciation. Cannon displayed a gun over his conduct on a building of the
House, holding it aloft like a holy talisman.

“It was like that stage from The Lion King,” pronounced Rep. Mark Pafford,
D-West Palm Beach. “My evident greeting was to duck. I’m from Miami.
Somebody was shot right in front of me in high school.”

Speaking of gifts, a legislature, in a consistent query to find new ways to
demonstrate a gun love, has incited Florida into a laboratory of permissive
weapons laws. In new years, that has enclosed a take-your-gun to work
law, a wisecrack sequence prohibiting doctors from seeking their patients either they
have guns, and a law that allows non-residents to obtain mail-order gun

This year, while scrambling to find new income to block bill holes,
legislators somehow found a approach to revoke fees for secluded weapons permits.

Florida’s got gun fever. So most so that if any city or county supervision in
the state decides to go brute and pass a internal bidding that’s worse than
the state’s gun laws, a state can excellent a internal supervision $100,000 and
its inaugurated leaders face personal fines of $5,000 and dismissal from bureau by
the governor.

Need some-more explanation of a leverage of a gun run in Florida?

During this summer’s Republican National Convention in Tampa, a security
perimeter will be determined around a gathering site.

In that confidence section outward a assembly hall, drafted regulations call for a
list of taboo equipment to embody eruption guns, potion containers, light
bulbs, bicycle locks, anything that competence duty as a club, and pieces of
string longer than 6 inches.

All of those equipment are criminialized since they competence be used as a arms to hurt
other people.

But we can lift a secluded handgun inside a confidence section if we have a

So to recap: It would be too dangerous to concede somebody to have 7 inches of
string in his slot outward a gathering hall, though a installed handgun is OK.

That’s how distant we’ve sunk in Florida.

Did we discuss that a co-sponsor of a mount your belligerent gun law, state Rep.
Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, is an undertaker? You’d consider that would be
considered a dispute of interest.

So good luck, Sen. Brown. Your mission, if we select to accept it, is –
pardon a joke – a prolonged shot.

Fade a Mission Impossible theme.