April Fools Day Adventure – VIDEO

Have you taken your April Fools Day adventure yet?  If you haven’t then you need to head over to Google Maps and start immediately.  I’ve got to hand it to the folks at Google yet again.  Their doodles this year have been top notch. I particularly like the leap day one.  This year’s April fools joke takes the Google Maps that you love and turns them into what they would look like on your old 8-bit NES.  It makes me feel like I’m playing an old Zelda game.  On top of that they’ve even rendered street view in 8-bit as well.  I’m not sure you can say that 8-bit graphics give you much detail but they did pay attention to detail when they created the whole map schema. I particularly like how they made the drop in blue pin a little adventure man.  So go ahead and check it out.  After the jump see how it looks and watch a video on how it’s done.








Street View: