April Fools Day Adventure – VIDEO

Have we taken your Apr Fools Day journey yet?  If we haven’t afterwards we need to conduct over to Google Maps and start immediately.  I’ve got to palm it to a folks during Google nonetheless again.  Their doodles this year have been tip notch. we quite like a leap day one.  This year’s Apr fools fun takes a Google Maps that we adore and turns them into what they would demeanour like on your aged 8-bit NES.  It creates me feel like I’m personification an aged Zelda game.  On tip of that they’ve even rendered travel perspective in 8-bit as well.  I’m not certain we can contend that 8-bit graphics give we most fact though they did compensate courtesy to fact when they combined a whole map schema. we quite like how they finished a dump in blue pin a small journey man.  So go forward and check it out.  After a burst see how it looks and watch a video on how it’s done.








Street View: