Amazing Walking Dead Mad Men Mashup – VIDEO

First AMC done central Walking Dead themed Mad Men Season 5 commercials.  (They were flattering cool.) Now we have a full fledged mashup of a dual shows pleasantness of a organisation called The Key of Awesome.  After examination it a integrate times I’m going to have to determine with a organisation name.  This video is all kinds of awesome.

If you’ve been a fan of both shows you’ll find this impossibly funny.  I had a series of giggle out shrill moments.  It overwhelmed on only about each bit of absurd benefaction in both shows.  One of my favorite lines is “Where’s Carl?  … He wandered off about an hour ago, pronounced something about poking a hiker with a stick.”  Zombie Don Draper and a satire of Herschel are by distant my favorite impression in this spoof.  There’s even a full fledged ad representation about brains.  I wish we enjoy.  Video after a jump.