Voting Law Changes: Your Rights Are Under Attack

There is a “War on Voting” in this republic and, wherever we live, we need to be profitable tighten attention. The Constitution protects electorate from discrimination, though that insurance is being challenged in states opposite a nation, and creation it harder for people to vote.

In dozens of state legislatures, a new and stretched Republican majorities are pulling and even enacting policies that are proven to lead to a disfranchisement of authorised voters. When asked why, a proponents of these bills always explain that they are indispensable to forestall voter fraud. When asked for examples of such fraud, however, they go silent. Occasionally, we hear allegations of a upheld voting though find that a voter is indeed still alive, as happened recently in Kansas, or died after casting his ballot, as we saw in South Carolina in January. The elementary fact is that there is no justification of a kind of in-person voter rascal that these laws are presumably designed to prevent.

But we know that a laws will repudiate authorised electorate of their constitutionally stable right to opinion since such laws have finished so in a past. Whether it is requiring marker to expel a ballot, drastically shortening or altogether expelling early voting periods, or throwing capricious and nonessential regulations into a registration process, a usually outcome of a “War on Voting” is a unavoidable branch divided of authorised voters.

On May 19th, Governor Rick Scott sealed into law HB 1355, a check aggressive a many elemental right of a democracy: a right to vote. Take for instance a clergyman that orderly a voter registration expostulate for students during New Smyrna Beach High School. She perceived a warning minute from a State informing her that her registration expostulate was in defilement of Governor Scott’s new law, and that she was potentially confronting thousands of dollars in fines. All she was perplexing to do was register her high propagandize students to vote, a same as teachers opposite a state mostly do, nonetheless she wound adult held in these new limiting requirements. These are a kinds of genuine people who humour a consequences when bad laws are drafted to residence problems that do not exist.

In essence, Florida Republicans, underneath a care of Governor Scott, have upheld a broad, unconditional law containing a series of measures that we trust will extent entrance to a polls for minorities, seniors, and college students. For example, HB 1355 boundary voting on a Sunday before Election Day, traditionally when many minorities vote. It also disenfranchises electorate that pierce frequently like students and immature professionals, by putting an finish to a voter’s ability to change his or her residence during a polls if a voter has changed recently from one county to another and did not refurbish his or her residence before a election. Thousands of electorate who traditionally change their residence during a polls will no longer be means to safeguard that their opinion is counted.

The Florida check also boundary voting on a Sunday before Election Day, traditionally when a jagged series of minorities vote. Fifty-two percent of people who voted early in Florida in 2008 were purebred Democrats. Over half of a Black electorate in Florida in 2008 voted early due to resources like a miss of entrance to travel on Election Day, and jobs that do not yield time off to vote. Cutting behind on a series of early voting days significantly impacts this confederation of voters.

We can't lay idly by and let a essentially injured law spin a time behind on 40 years of progress. We have not come this distant usually to have a elemental voting rights trampled on. This can't be ignored.

We contingency work together to strengthen a nation’s democracy and safeguard that a voting rights of all Americans are protected.

Congressman Alcee L. Hastings serves as Senior Member of a House Rules Committee, Ranking Democratic Member of a U.S. Helsinki Commission, and Democratic Chairman of a Florida Delegation.