The GOP bulletin that constructed ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws

good afternoon. i’m karnt finney in for
martin bashir
. we start with a demeanour during the
stand your ground
laws that played a partial in a murder of trayvon murder. it has turn a subject for both republicans and democrats and a boss weighed in unequivocally privately today.

i consider all of us have to do some
soul searching
to figure out we how does something like this happen. that means that we inspect a laws and a context for what happened. as good as a specifics of a incident. if i had a son, he would demeanour like trayvon.

trayvon was an unarmed immature male brutally gunned down. yet he now lives as a pitch of a loyal impact of the
stand your ground
laws that concede any chairman anywhere who believes himself or herself threatened to use
deadly force
. even if they know they’re not in approaching danger. the
tampa brook times
estimates that trayvon is one of during slightest 130 people who have been pounded know your ground. many of those have finished in genocide and usually a handful of cases ever done it to court. so who are and where are a other trayvons? we don’t know their names. yet you’re expected to find them, not usually in
yet also in any of a other 30 states with identical laws. as a review of trayvon’s murder has unfolded over a final several days, countless flaws have been found in a law. so maybe a doubt afterwards is, it wasn’t a doubt of when a tragedy like this would make us
pay attention
to these laws. yet who would make us
pay attention
to these laws. when a law upheld in
, it was usually a beginning.

it is
common sense
to concede people to urge themselves. and to have to, when you’re in a position where you’re being threatened, there is a life melancholy conditions to have to shelter and put yourself in a unequivocally unsafe position, defies
common sense

that was afterwards governor
jeb bush
. he and his associate republicans were overjoyed when a law passed. and as typical, they use fear and tongue about
personal freedom
yet balancing second amendment rights with a reserve of a communities. one
florida state
profession who opposite a law even pronounced that they motionless to repair something that wasn’t broken. how do we go from one state to 30? who was the
typhoid mary
for this terrible outbreak? try not to be surprised. a common suspects, a coke brothers, a nra, a american legislative campaign, and remember this? these are a same people who stymied
gun regulation
during each indicate who saved and
ghost write
these laws and others that have turn a core of a regressive bulletin that is being implemented opposite a country. it’s a same organisation that also wrote a voter i.d. laws that bluster to disenfranchise some 5 million american voters. many of them african-american. it’s a same expel of characters and it’s a same story. so we’re going to get now to a panel. in sanford, we’re assimilated by joy
reid, handling editor and an msnbc contributor. in washington we’re assimilated by a approved strategist. and here with me, a highbrow at
georgetown university
and msmbc domestic analyst. appreciate we for being with me. i wish to start with you. you’ve been there on a ground. there was that improbable entertainment final night. how are things shifting? has a mood shifted between final night and a proclamation from governor
that he is going to put together a
task force
to demeanour during these laws?

well, i don’t know that governor
is winning any thing with that. before the
police chief
announced he was stepping a side to a genuine clarity of momentum. people don’t indispensably feel that lee’s stepping aside is closure yet i consider they feel like they’re winning and they will keep pushing. a summary we got final night, it was unequivocally peaceful. people are unequivocally unified. they’re appreciative by a support and a innational courtesy themselves wish more. they want

arrested and they want
police chief
lee to step down permanently.

a small startling each time i consider of a fact that

is still out there with his gun and we don’t indeed even know where. one other doubt for you, joy-
. a overpower from gop
marco rubio
is kind of stunning. it seems like he can't move himself to contend that these are bad laws or to import in. is anybody articulate about that down there?

well, not usually him yet consider about
allen west
who is one of usually dual african-american republicans in a association right now. and his district in
palm beach
is not that distant from here. maybe an hour and a half to dual hours south of here. we haven’t listened him import in. the
republican party
in ubiquitous seems to have been silent. this state has an african-american major governor. she has not done a statement. governor
has usually now waded into it. yet yeah.
marco rubio
who has done a gop star via a nation and looked during as a potential
vice presidential candidate
, he hasn’t pronounced anything. he is positioned unequivocally strangely. he wants to be a mainstream inhabitant figure yet he is positioned as this
tea party

conservative republican
and there seems to be a privacy for republicans to pronounce about this.

it seems intolerable that they feel this is something they can’t even criticism on. i did note thattalen west did make some comments. did he call a sharpened a tragedy yet he also commented that he was not going to conduct down to
and be a partial of a circus. accurate words, that might be mine. that was a tinge of it. i wish to come to you, michael. maybe they usually shont contend anything. that’s during slightest what
geraldo rivera
pronounced this morning on fox and friends. let’s take a listen.

i am propelling a relatives of black and latino youngsters, particularly, to not let their children go out wearing hoodes. i consider it is as many obliged for trayvon martin’s genocide as


so my review is, it wasn’t a gun. it wasn’t
. it was a hoodie. it was trayvon’s conform choice that is to blame.

sartorial preference has led to resourceful execution. how absurd is that? look, i’ve been on geraldo’s uncover in a past. i’ve enjoyed enchanting him yet that is a many absurd justification to clear impersonal murder of a immature male yet any ability to have him arrested. that is, mr.
to have just
due process
in a courts. and for this male to mount hearing for a murder of a immature man. this male had skittles in his hand. a hoodie. millions of
white people
wear hoodies each day.

and it was raining.

they make them not for people who are squad members them make hoodies for many americans who wish to cover themselves up. to advise that this hoodie was a source of this is to omit a secular dynamics that engage themselves. when we speak about who is wearing a hoodie. when a immature black male is wearing one, it is a problem. when a white male is wearing it, it is not noticed.

i didn’t wish to inject yet i consider it is critical to note when a 911 call was done by

. he didn’t contend i see a male in a hoodie that looks suspicious. he didn’t indicate that out. in his prior 46 calls, it didn’t seem to be a hoodie that triggered his response that there was something wrong. yet in 6 of those calls that had been expelled he did seem to find a black male by his area alarming.

incredibly absurd comment.

they weren’t all in hoodies.

we’re training some-more and some-more about a impasse of alec, a nra, a koch brothers. we’re now observant it by the
state legislatures
and republican governors. were we astounded to hear that those groups were involved?

no. i had very
personal experience
with it in
after the
columbine shootings
when a same organisation wanted to quarrel simple behind belligerent checks for people shopping gun during gun shows. these are terrible laws. they inspire shoot-outs them inspire dispute when
conflict avoidance
creates sense. as bad as these laws, are i consider you’re expected to see
arrested. even underneath the
statute, it requires that
had to have been pounded and he faced
grave danger
. even yet some of a contribution are sketchy, we know flattering convincingly that
was a pursuer in this case. he was told by a military to stop pursuing. he continued to pursue. a applausibility of
confronting grave corporeal mistreat is very, unequivocally improbable even underneath a statute. a odds is that we will see an detain in entrance weeks. secondly we will see a unequivocally clever probability with the
federal government
removing some-more involved. underneath 241 of
title 18
, if there is secular animus, we give means —

241 of
title 18
for those of us who don’t know —

it’s a federal
civil rights
rapist statute. it allows for the
federal government
to get involved. quite if
state governments
destroy to prosecute a case. there was justification during slightest in a box that there was some substantial secular animus. and i consider as distant as
robert lee
resigning or temporarily resigning, yong i don’t know a proxy part. we know they’ve had problems in a past yet underneath a sister government to 241, 242 allows for the
federal government
to examine either the
local police
dialect had some secular animus. a fact of a matter that the
police department
not usually unsuccessful to arrest
when all of a justification shows right now that he should, during a smallest be released, he can make the
stand your ground
offense in a
court of law
. a justification shows that he should be arrested, rather, for murder. a fact that a military also administered a blood exam usually to trayvon martin and not to
unequivocally betrays, i think, a very, unequivocally controversial disposition on a partial of the
police department
. so i consider it is not usually — i consider a probability of an review as well.

i’ll going to stop we there. i wish to come behind to dr. dyson for a minute. a thought that
, and joy-
, i wish to get to you, is still out there. i don’t hear a lot of people articulate about that. we doengt what his
mental state
is. we know he has a gun. he might be observant this courtesy entrance his way.

for his possess safety. for your safety, mr.
, people might wish to govern vigilante probity opposite you. we wish to strengthen we and put we in jail and underneath cover of a law. zero is reasonable here to advise that mr.
should continue to go free. we don’t know accurately where he is. he is out there with a gun. we don’t know how many he is prone to be self-destructive or to eventually attack somebody else. it seems
common sense
to close him up.

hold on, reason on.

quickly, we’re
running out of time
i wish to finish with you. is anybody seeking that doubt during these press konkconferences? we’ve talked about the
police chief
, we’ve talked about trayvon yet i have not listened about a tangible question, where is this man?

believe me, that’s a doubt on a minds of everybody out here. everybody on a travel is observant where is

? that is doubt on a minds of people. what a military are saying, and they’re not really, they can’t reason him since they didn’t assign him with a crime so he is a giveaway man. he isn’t charged with anything. a fact of where he is, he is giveaway to go wherever he is and he has a authorised gun permit. everybody here is seeking that question. somewhere


thank we unequivocally many for