Terra Nova’s Fate

Mark March 6th in you calendar as the day that I told you that Fox decided what to do with Terra Nova. Finally …  Well you getter get your box of tissues because Fox has decided not to renew the show for a second season.  Variety reported that on late Monday the network cancelled the show.  This is ultimately not surprising as it’s been sitting in limbo for so long.  That couldn’t have been a good sign.

All hope is not gone (though it probably should be).  20th Century Fox Studios, the studio that produces it (and is wholly separate from the TV network that aired it – although is still owned by News Corp.), is going to shop the show around at other networks to see if they’ll pick it up. Of course the first network that comes to mind is SyFy though I’ll predict they’ll pass because of the overall cost of the show.  According to reports average episode cost is around $4 million for the 13 episode season after the pilot episode cost $16 million.  This cost probably puts it out of the range of most other networks unless they can really cut costs.  The lofty visual effects are really to blame here for the high costs.    With all that being said Fox president of entertainment Kevin Reily has noted that the show was profitable.  Only time will tell.  Nothing has been announced so we’ll have to wait an see.

What’s bad for Terra Nova may be good for other Fox shows like Alcatraz (which I do review) and Touch.  With one more show out of the way if ratings stay steady (or improve for these shows) they’re likely to be renewed.

So it’s cancelled.  I’m bummed that the first show I actually reviewed all the way through got cancelled. If you read my past reviews you’ll know that I like it.  Yeah – it certainly had its bad moments and you could call it a “V” of satisfaction though overall I dug the story and really had high hopes for a season two.  So let’s cross our fingers but don’t hold our breath.

There are a number of takes on this story floating around the interwebs. Peruse at your reading pleasure.