National Bracket Day 2012 – Beer Madness

I wish to give a scream out to a people over during a Washington Post for mixing dual of my favorite things, joint tournaments and beer.  Yes folks, I’m articulate about Beer Madness.  What an inventive idea!  Pick 32 beers of 4 opposite forms (Crisp, Fruit and Spice, Hops, Roast), put them adult opposite any other and let a contest work itself out.  Amazing!  This is the Post’s sixth annual drink tourney.  A row of Post readers and Washington food-beverage experts judged a rounds in dual apart sessions. Check a Food territory of a paper for weekly updates; a leader will be emitted Apr 11. Readers can opinion on beers too by clicking on a drink names inside a bracket.  See a joint after a jump.

You can find a votable joint here.

I’ll acknowledge that we don’t know each drink on a list to give a finish breakdown.  Thankfully a Post has already finished that for us and we can review it here.  Here are my picks for a final four.  In a frail difficulty I’m going for the Eliot Ness Amber Lager from a Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Ohio.  In a fruit and piquancy difficulty I’m going for the Brooklyn Sorachi Ace from Brooklyn Brewery in New York.  For a hops difficulty I’m going for the Burton Baton from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware.  Last though positively not slightest is a fry difficulty and I’m going with the Lucky 7 from Evolution Craft Brewery Co. in Delaware.  As for a leader I’m going with a Burton Baton since we adore a good hoppy beer.

Happy drink madness!  Don’t get held creation an bootleg pool out of this.  Who do we consider is going to win? Enjoy!