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Season 3, Episode 17
Leap Day

Modern Family distinguished Leap Day tonight, and this family doesn’t disaster around. Not usually do a Dunphys take this eventuality as a critical forgive to have some fun, yet it is indeed Cam’s large birthday! we will acknowledge that a initial half of a partial dragged a bit for me and we didn’t have as many laughs, yet we were treated to some glorious comedic boon in a final portion.

Take a Flying Leap
Phil declares that it is “Leap Day, not Sleep Day.” Apparently, in a Dunphy household, a Leap Day is a possibility to do something fun and extemporaneous on this additional day each 4 years. Even Claire feels like she can cut loose, and a family and Manny prepares to conduct out on a trapeze outing. That is, until a womanlike Dunphys start to uncover signs that it is that time of a month [this is a partial of a partial that seemed excessively stereotypical to me]. As Phil recognizes, their cycles have aligned and this year they are all during their misfortune moods on this many special day. What is Phil to do so that he and a boys can still have an beguiling outing? Concoct a devise of course. But when vital chats usually incarcerate Luke with a women, Phil has to adult Operation Free Luke to a subsequent level. In a classical Luke moment, he takes a “Halloween feign blood” a tad too distant and looks like a stabbing victim. Luke eventually breaks and tells his mom and sisters given they are perplexing to escape: “Because you’re monsterating.” Yeeeaaah that didn’t go over too well, yet it was positively funny! we have to give vital props to Luke for great out “Daaaaaaad” as a women-folk attempted to drag him into their basement of horrors (i.e. unhappy animal commercials with Sarah McLachlan music).

Game On
Gloria and Jay spend a additional day during a sports bar so that Gloria can hearten on her Colombian “futbol.” Being a hot-blooded lady that she is, she gets into a energetic evidence with a hostile Dutch team’s fan base, or as Gloria claims: “NEVERlands.” Jay diffuses a situation, that gets Gloria meditative about how he doesn’t urge her in an sincerely manly way. we have to say, we was flattering wearied by this storyline…not usually given it didn’t offer many laughs, yet given this is not something utterly new—has she unequivocally not figured this out by now? And of march she eventually satisfied that she didn’t wish Jay to be that kind of male given that form of male was her ex-husband—and Jay is a improved male than that. Again, this storyline usually exhilarated adult during a unequivocally finish when a fight during Cameron’s unsuccessful birthday boating whack resulted in Gloria slapping a ship’s captain for pursuit Jay “Grandpa.” Luke killed me with his confusion: “I call him that.”

Follow a Yellow Brick Road
Leap Day is Cam’s birthday, and it’s a biggie…10! Well, 40. Cam is a form of chairman who expects a intemperate jubilee for clearly teenager things, so being a Leap Day baby who usually gets to applaud a loyal birthday each fourth year unequivocally comes with high expectations. That means Mitch improved broach an extraordinary party. Mitchell is indeed feeling utterly tender with his formulation skills this time around, given he hired actors and props to re-create their residence into The Wizard of Oz, Cam’s favorite movie. Disaster strikes in a form of a tornado, though, when Mitch realizes that Cam is still disorder from a impact of an tangible hurricane that strike his family’s plantation in Missouri progressing this year. Mitch does a waggish pursuit of gripping Cam’s courtesy diverted from a Yellow Brick Road, and afterwards immediately gets to work on formulation a new party. A imagination cooking vessel journey sounds like an glorious idea, and Cam is primarily impressed. But things go fast downhill when a vessel can't accommodate a series of people in their celebration and when Cam learns that Mitchell designed a whole thing in a few hours. Once Mitch realizes a underlying reason for Cam’s irritation—being over a hill—the resolution is simple: to a entertainment park to applaud being 10!

The final moments on a Santa Monica Pier attractions were some of a episode’s best. we desired Claire and a girls holding all their fury out on a whack-a-mole, and Phil seeking how most it would be to lease it once a month. And we unequivocally enjoyed a mom and her small child over-hearing Mitch’s “innocent” criticism to his Leap Year hubby, “That voluptuous small 8 year aged we fell in adore with.”

What did we do for Leap Day this year, other than watch Modern Family?