Michael Bay May Be Ruining Another One of Our Childhood Memories

Michael Bay might have busted Transformers for some of us (well during slightest with a second dual movies) and now he might be out to hurt another one of a childhood memories, a Ninja Turtles.  Yes, those turtles in a half bombard (turtle power!) are entrance behind to a large shade underneath a instruction of nothing other than title large blast CGI effects himself.  Now what’s upsetting people is a fact that he’s perplexing to change a backstory of a turtles.

We all know how a story goes.  Ooze (a poisonous immature liquid) causes some normal domicile turtles (and a rat) to mutate, grow, and spin into full distance articulate turtles.  They learn how to turn ninjas and afterwards turn a Ninja Turtles fighting immorality for truth, probity and a bigger cut of a pizza.  So unequivocally American and so unequivocally 90s.  The cartoons and a strange cinema all followed this backstory.

Apparently a book for a new film has a turtles being from an visitor planet.  What?!?!  How could they be quintessentially American (loving pizza and trite locate phrases) if they’re aliens?  Well that’s the dilemma isn’t it?  Michael Bay doesn’t wish we to burst to conclusions nonetheless and to “chill” out.  Yes he indeed pronounced “chill out.”  He went on to contend this, according to a article, ”Our group is operative closely with one of a strange creators of Ninja Turtles to assistance enhance and give a some-more formidable behind story. Relax, we are including all that done we turn fans in a initial place. We are only building a richer world.”

So what do we think?  Outraged that nonetheless another childhood memory has been taken away?  Do we unequivocally care?  Do we even wish to see another Ninja Turtles movie?  Maybe Vanilla Ice can get on a new soundtrack?