Mad Men Season 5 Premieres Tonight – Special VIDEO

Tonight has finally come.  Mad Men is premiering a fifth deteriorate on AMC for a 2 hour block, approbation dual hours, starting during 9PM ET.  We’ve waited prolonged enough.  The whole squad is behind and from what we listened on a radio dual days ago from critics it sounds like it’ll be a good season.  According to a critic (little spoiler alert) we’re usually relocating brazen about a year of so to midst 1966.  He also pronounced that a costumes and colors are changing to simulate a quick changing times of a 1960s.  I have no thought what a tract line will demeanour like though it’s been prolonged adequate that I’ll accept anything for a integrate episodes.

If you’ve lost what’s happened in a past 500 or so days given Mad Men aired check out a summation during a Huffington Post.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what a special video is, right?  Well it’s indeed dual overwhelming insane group teaser commercials with a special Walking Dead theme.  They aired on a penultimate and ultimate episodes of Walking Dead deteriorate 2.  The initial one compares a Mad Men characters to their counterparts in Walking Dead and if we know both shows it’s indeed flattering funny. I’ll acknowledge that if you’re usually a Mad Men fan it won’t be as good though we consider you’ll still get a kick.  My favorite line is “Drinks like Herschel used to.”  The second one is only arrange of waking zombies and is some arrange of tip of a shawl to a fact that they’ve been off a atmosphere for so long.  Get vehement and enjoy.  Videos after a break.