Life’s Too Short – Initial Thoughts

Life’s Too Short is a new comedy from Ricky Gervais that premiered on HBO on February 19th.  A friend of mine the other night implored me to watch it saying that it was hilarious so I of course had to check it out.  I watched the first three episodes and have to say that the show wasn’t short enough.  I just didn’t care for the episodes and I would say they were average at best.

The show’s premise is as a “reality” show that follows dwarf actor Warwick Davis in his day-to-day life.  Warwick’s character (played by himself) is an actor (true – has credits in Star Wars and Harry Potter) and an agent (not sure if that’s true) who is going through a divorce, does not have steady work and has a huge tax bill he has to pay off.  The first two episodes start to lay out this story and we follow him as he tries to deal with these problems and we see how he deals with his frustrations.  Every episode  (thus far) features a run in with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (who are also co-creators along along with Warwick and a celebrity “guest.”  The first episode had Liam Neeson as a guest, the second had Johnny Depp and the third had Helena Bonham Carter.

It just wasn’t particularly funny, at least to me.  The vast majority of the humor was subtle.  I knew where they wanted you to laugh I just didn’t laugh.  I guess I don’t care for dwarf jokes or that delivery system.  I did laugh out loud twice though it wasn’t until the second episode.  Johnny Depp had a series of jokes making fun of Ricky Gervais (they include the real life fact that Ricky poked a lot of fun at Johnny at the Golden Globes).  The other moment was when Warwick was dressed in a bear costume giving a speech at a wedding.  I can’t remember the quote right now but it was funny.

So after 90 minutes I’m not particularly enthused.  I’ll watch this casually and not report back to all of you unless my feelings really change.  Who know’s it could get funnier.  Are you watching? What did you think? You can watch it Sundays at 10:30PM on HBO or catch up on HBO Go.