Jackson Health to lay off 920 people


On Tuesday, Jackson Health Systems CEO Carlos Migoya pronounced layoffs were inevitable.

“Today, we’re announcing a rebate of about 920 people from a staff,” he said.

Jackson has been in financial straits. It posted waste of $19 million in a past 3 months. If a governor’s bill is approved, Medicaid appropriation would be slashed. And given Kendall Regional became a mishap center, Migoya pronounced Ryder Trauma has mislaid $15 million.


Migoya pronounced 920 people, including some nurses, will be laid off, and 195 dull positions will be eliminated, ensuing in a cuts of 1,115 jobs.

Notices will go out no after than Apr 6.

In 2009, sanatorium coronet and county leaders schooled a bill hole was 5 times bigger than projected. The cost of caring for uninsured patients outweighed a open dollars entrance in to compensate for it.

A grand jury would after call a Jackson Hospital complement a “colossal mess.”

At a news discussion Tuesday, Migoya pronounced a complement has been operative to purify that up. Migoya estimated a cuts will meant a net assets of $69 million a year but inspiring service.

“Having these reductions that we’re articulate about will not have any impact on use levels. We will continue to have each use line that we now have and we’re not shutting any use lines from a hospital,” Migoya said.

Martha Baker, boss of a Service Employees International Union Healthcare Florida Local 1991, expelled a following matter Tuesday:

“We are confounded with today’s proclamation of large layoffs during Jackson. This is what we get when we sinecure a billionaire landowner and afterwards cut him lax to take a chainsaw to medical in Miami-Dade County. It’s unimaginable that he wouldn’t deliberate a nurses, doctors and medical professionals — who have sacrificed out of their pockets to keep Jackson afloat — about how his devise to ‘right size’ a complement competence mistreat studious care. We have no thought how Mr. Migoya thinks studious caring can be confirmed with such extreme cuts to frontline caregivers.”