Jack’s Delayed Coming Back … Again – 24 Movie News

I only came opposite news that a 24 film has been behind nonetheless again.  Booooooo!  That’s what we have to say.  24 is by distant one of my many favorite shows.  Back during seasons dual and 3 my friends and we would close ourselves in a room to watch it live. People knew not to disquiet us.  I’ve even subjected myself to a 24 hours of 24 marathon.  That’s where we start a day when a deteriorate starts and watch each part on a hour.  I adore TV though that’s indeed unequivocally hard.

Well there’s been speak of a film for years.  It was rumored to be in growth before a uncover ever finished in 2010.  Then it was ostensible to start prolongation 2011, afterwards it was ostensible to start in Apr 2012 and now they’ve altered a bill around again and it’s looking like there’s going to be no prolongation until Spring of 2013.  Ugh.  I only wish to see some-more Jack Bauer.

I wish him to kill terrorists, contend phrases like “Within a hour” or “Chloe fill in a blank!”  I wish Kim to come behind and somehow get kidnapped.  Maybe we’ll see Tony Almeida again (did they kill him off?).  Man am we removing vehement  just articulate about it.  Too bad we have to wait.

I positively wish Fox gets Kiefer on house for a reasonable volume of money.  They contend he’s seeking for too much.  Is it too most to ask for the favorite CTU representative to come behind for some genuine time action?  I consider not.

Source: Cinemablend