Image of Jupiter From a Ground-Based Telescope

Jupiter From a Ground

This picture of Jupiter and a moons Io and Ganymede was acquired by pledge astronomer Damian Peach on Sept. 12, 2010, when Jupiter was tighten to opposition. South is adult and a “Great Red Spot” is manifest in a image.

Ground-based astronomy will play a critical purpose in a success of NASA’s Juno mission. Because Jupiter has such a energetic atmosphere, images from pledge astronomers will support a JunoCam instrument group envision what facilities will be manifest when a camera’s images are taken.

With a apartment of scholarship instruments, a Juno booster will examine a existence of a plain heavenly core, map a planet’s heated captivating field, magnitude a volume of H2O and ammonia in a low atmosphere and observe a planet’s auroras.

Image Credit: NASA/Damian Peach