Geek Out: Happy π (Pi) Day 2012!

Happy 3/14, also famous as Mar 14 also famous as (π) Pi day.  It’s substantially not a day that everybody celebrates yet it’s a good day to applaud a adore of math and science.   You won’t find a label in a hallmark store to send to your desired ones yet we can really celebrate.  I came opposite this “how to” article over during The Next Web and it gives we many opposite ways that we can applaud today.  Which one(s) do we like? What are we going to do?  I’ll tell we my favorites yet initial some contribution pleasantness of The Next Web.

π is a ratio of a circle’s rim to a hole (i.e. π=C/d) and is approximately equal to 3.14159 (though it never ends). The Greek minute π is used since it’s a initial minute of a word περίμετρος (perimeter in Greek).  π is fascinating since of a significance in so many systematic calculations and since it’s an undiscerning number, clarification that a value can't be voiced accurately as a fragment carrying integers in both a numerator and denominator. As a outcome a decimal illustration never ends and never repeats. A lot of bid has been put into calculating it and a latest record is during 5 trillion decimal places. Due to a morality of a definition, π is a many famous mathematical judgment and has a clever position in renouned culture. How many digits of π can we recite? 3.141592654 – those are a usually ones we can remember though looking it up.  It might also be found in several Greek companionship names as well.

Out of all a ways to applaud here are my favorites:

  • Make π(Pi)ancakes, hopefully in a figure of π – Waffle bot might be dissapoint yet pancakes are tasty
  • Eat Key Lime Pie that my partner done – mmmm yummy

I theory I’m only inspired today.

Also today’s Google loll is cold and celebrates Akira Yoshizawa’s 101st birthday.  He is deliberate a grandfather of complicated origami.

So Happy π day!! Enjoy!!