Game of Thrones Season 2 – Less Than 30 Days Away – VIDEO

If you’ve been profitable courtesy to my posts we have substantially already deduced that we am a unequivocally large Game of Thrones fan.  I adore a books.  I devoured books one by 3 and we am now on book four.  I suspicion a uncover was flattering extraordinary and unequivocally did a books probity (yeah, a went a small over book one during a finish of a initial season).  So now we’re a small reduction than 30 days out from a premiere of deteriorate dual that will be Sunday night Apr 1st during 9:00 PM ET.  HBO only expelled a new print with a tagline “War is Coming.”  Not utterly a Stark’s sign – “Winter is Coming” though wise for deteriorate dual that I’m guessing (and can ascertain from a previews) will cover many of book 2 entitled “A Clash of Kings.”  This is not most of a spoiler though a ubiquitous tract of a book has many kings opposed for a iron throne.

There’s also been dual new trailers posted given a final time we common with all of you.  It is after a break.  Also after a mangle is a couple to a Huffington Post essay that has a slideshow of all a favorite characters in what seem to be deteriorate dual screenshots.  One impression is blank from a slideshow that we know was cast.  They don’t have a design of burning redhead Ygritte.  Oh well, we’ll only have to wait until a uncover premieres.  Get excited!  I am!

This trailer is entitled Power and Grace and is flattering awesome.

This trailer is entitled “Seven Devils”

The Huffington Post slideshow is here.