Game of Thrones Season 2 Excitement – The Cast “Undressed”

Game of Thrones Season 2 premieres in dual days!  That’s right.  It’s this Sunday (4/1) during 9PM on HBO.  I came opposite this cool feature (courtesy of a friend) during called a expel “undressed.”  No, they’re not naked, though they are out of makeup. This is good if we ever wondered what they looked like out of costume.  It’s cold even if we only wish to see.  All of a actors could flattering most be models themselves.  The one trustworthy here is of Harry Lloyd/Viserys Targaryan (SPOILER ALERT – DEAD), Emilia Clarke/Daenerys Targaryan and Richard Madden/Robb Stark.  For all a rest check out a source couple above.  There are some good ones.  Don’t forget to review all a approach by for an “interesting” George R.R. Martin video of him reading children’s angel tales.  Hope you’re as vehement for a deteriorate to premiere as we am.  Enjoy!