Florida voter ID law has some-more options than Texas one blocked by feds

By Dara Kam

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Posted: 7:07 p.m. Monday, March 12, 2012

— Florida law requires electorate to benefaction print marker when they go to a polls, though it allows some-more alternatives than do a Texas and South Carolina laws that have been blocked by a U.S. Justice Department.

Whereas Texas and South Carolina need government-issued marker such as motorist licenses, troops IDs and passports, electorate in Florida can also use other forms of cards as prolonged as they have photos — including credit and withdraw cards, tyro identification, open assistance cards or those form area organisation or retirement centers. If a marker cards don’t have a signature, they can be matched opposite another request with a signature.

“We’re really magnanimous about a IDs,” Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher said. “We’re nowhere nearby particularly supervision ID.”

The biggest difference, however, between Florida and a other states is what happens when electorate don’t have a compulsory marker with them when they go to vote. In Florida, electorate can pointer an confirmation irreverence they are authorised to opinion and afterwards can expel a provisional ballot. The canvassing house verifies those ballots to make certain such electorate were authorised to opinion in a patrol where they expel their list and didn’t opinion anywhere else.

Bucher pronounced some tools of Palm Beach County, such as Palm Beach Gardens, have a high volume of electorate who come to a polls though identification. She pronounced this is mostly since retirees confirm to expel their ballots while they are on a golf course.

The Texas law authorised electorate though government-issued marker to expel provisional ballots though compulsory them to benefaction a marker to a elections supervisors bureau within 6 days after a election. In South Carolina, electorate could expel provisional ballots though had to benefaction a marker before a choosing was approved by a canvassing board.