Doctor Who Gets a New Companion At Year’s End

This competence not be news to all of we yet it positively was news to me (sorry we took a week hiatus) yet we only found out that Karen Gillan, a Doctor’s messenger for a past dual years is withdrawal a show.  Turns out as of currently they’ve already transposed her.  According to The Hollywood Reporter they’ve cast Jenna-Louise (Jenna) Coleman as a new companion.  Jenna will join a uncover starting during a finish of 2012 with a annual Christmas special.

Let me tell we how unhappy we am to see her go.  There have been a lot of companions given Doctor Who came behind in 2005 (and I’ve positively seem them all) and Amy Pond (Karen’s character) competence not even be a best yet I’ve grown utterly lustful of her.  It competence be since she’s a ginger (I’m really lustful of gingers) yet it’s substantially since she started out as a strongest womanlike impression on a uncover (besides River Song) and continued to be that approach all via her time on a series.  She had some damn scenes and lines along ghte way.  She will be missed.

As for a new messenger I’m not certain if we know her as we don’t.  You competence have seen her face in this past summer’s Captain America movie.  It’s not a bad thing casting an different as we infrequently get a best actors/actresses that way.  So we have high hopes for a new companion.  Steven Moffat (the producer) even went on record observant that a chemistry between her and Matt Smith (the Doctor) is also really good.  High hopes indeed.

We’ll have to wait until a 2012 Christmas special to see her in action.  In a meant time we’ll have to watch reruns on BBC America as a filming of a 7th array is underway right now.  It’s also a 50th anniversary of a uncover so let’s get excited.  Enjoy!