Can Terra Nova Be Saved by Netflix?

We’ve all been holding in a news of  Terra Nova’s cancelling this week.  Some of us are bummed (me), some are not.  When announced, there was a spark of wish that a prolongation studio (20th Century Fox TV) was selling a uncover around to other intensity networks.  It seems a gossip indent has started and there’s been speak of Netflix being one of those other intensity networks.

According to a Huffington Post there have been mixed reports confirming Netflix expressing seductiveness in saving a uncover from cancellation.  You can review a essay for a nitty dirty so here’s my take.  I see this as a assuage probability (40 – 60%).  It’s unequivocally within a area of probability as Netflix has been relocating into strange programming and we do see this as a approach to make their business singular in arise of foe from a likes of Amazon Prime and now Comcast’s Xfinity Streampix.  They’ve already premiered Lilyhammer (which we devise to watch), that is a uncover starring Steven Van Zandt (of Sopranos and E-street Band fame) as a mobster relocated to Norway.  They’re operative on House of Cards from Kevin Spacey and in a top form pierce they’re bringing behind Arrested Development.  Also in preference of saving Terra Nova is a fact that Arrested Development and Terra Nova share a same prolongation studio and Netflix has already saved (or brought back) one cancelled show.  I consider it’ll come down to dollars and cents in a end.  At $4 million normal per part I’d consider Netflix would have to supplement a lot of subscribers to see distinction from a uncover or they’d unequivocally have to cut down on a show’s budget.  Ultimately I’m rooting for a show’s saving though I’m not holding my breath.

It’s be cold to have a whole deteriorate adult during once (like they did for Lilyhammer) though usually time will tell.  I’ll keep we updated on Terra Nova news as best as we can.