Angry Birds Space: Musing Game Review

So I’ve finally hit a minor challenging level so I paused to let you all know how the game is. I was right. The game play is refreshing and so far it’s fun. You do have to really think differently in this new world and gravity can be a real b@€£h if you know what I mean.

They did a great job on the graphics. I’ve been playing on my iPhone 4S and it looks incredible. They’ve really paid attention to detail. Right down to the fact that the pigs freeze if exposed to free space too long. They go from green to blue ice to exploded in a very smooth manner. Additional props go to the team for their application of science. You really would freeze if exposed to free space. (Space is cold!)

The updated birds look cool too. I like the space feel. I’m only at the point where I’m using 3 birds and I look forward to more. They’ve also introduced the space eagle (equivalent to the mighty eagle) which I earned some free ones though I’m sure I could buy some if I wanted. It created a sort of vortex then a space explosion (a la supernova) to help you win a level.

They do give you a bit of help off the slingshot showing you the effects of gravity. It really does help. Before I go back to it I wanted to share one tip I’ve got so far. Use the level objects to your advantage. Everything moves differently in space.

What do you all think so far? Enjoy!