Angry Birds in Space!!! – VIDEO

T reduction 3… 2… 1… blast off.  Houston, we have Angry Birds, in Space!  Yup, in box we didn’t know already currently outlines a launch of a new Angry Birds: Space game.  It launched on all platforms (iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Android, and Windows) starting during $0.99.  A series of weeks ago we showed we Angry Birds in genuine life, now Angry Birds have done it to a final frontier.

At initial we was a small doubtful of a judgment since overtly we was a small Angry Birded out.  I had only trite it.  Yes, that is possible.  I also got stranded on a turn and refused to buy a $0.99 Mighty Eagle in-app squeeze on principle.  The same thing happened on seasons too.  At initial we suspicion Space was going to be only like seasons with a same form of gameplay only set in out space.  Thankfully we was wrong.  In a impulse of overwhelming cross-promotion with NASA (see video below), they did an proclamation from a International Space Station display a concepts behind a new gameplay.

The judgment of a diversion is still a same.  The birds are still indignant during a pigs since they stole their eggs.  Now that they’re in space a diversion universe is totally different.  Gravity has altered entirely.  They also introduced sobriety wells in that you’re going to have to use to navigate your approach to murdering a pigs.  Some of a birds have been redrawn and new ones have been introduced too.  If we suspicion a diversion was tough already it’s going to be harder.  If we have already beaten each turn we consider this’ll give we a new challenge.  Even yet we might not comprehend it you’ll be elucidate math and production problems.  (Science!!)

I’m downloading right now so once we get some time to play I’ll let we all know it is.  I consider this is something to get vehement for.  Here’s to wasting many many some-more hours of the lives during Angry Birds:Space.  Number 1, make it so!