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Season 4, Episode 17
Babes in Toyland 

And it’s back! Tonight was 90210’s initial new partial in a few weeks and it did not defect in a stupidity department. We were also treated to a central lapse of Jenn—Naomi’s shoal sister—who seemed quickly during a finish of a previous episode. It is an understatement to contend that Jenn can be a harsh character, though we consider this uncover finally figured out how to use her as that impression we adore to hate. Now if customarily they could make Annie sufferable we would be in business!

  • Dress for a pursuit we want: If we take that aged observant literally, we competence finish adult in a dominatrix outfit like Naomi, being arrested in a sex xhop. But let’s backtrack a small to explain how Naomi finished adult in her predicament. Jenn was behind with baby Jacques—still a egotistical mom and rich husband-hunter. She was, however, somewhat softer and some-more passive of others in that she no longer despised tourists since they make her feel thin. Naomi was dynamic to stir her successful comparison sis with her business skills (I am still not certain how Jenn is a indication of success when a lady has not finished anything to indeed acquire her money). When Naomi sets adult a assembly with a large and remunerative new client, she contingency come adult with an considerable bureau space stat. After creation adult an residence on a spot, she finds that a plcae is a sex shop. Walking in with Annie, we would consider they were prudes who had never seen lingerie. After they finish adhering their noses adult during a store that sells some-more garments than they customarily wear, Naomi somehow convinces a manager to let her buy out a sell and “rent” a workers as employees so it looks like she has her eventuality formulation business set adult there. In a world’s quickest bureau makeover that would even make decorating shows on TLC demeanour time consuming, Naomi is prepared for her two-minute meeting. Jeesh all that bid for small mins with a client—I would have during slightest demanded he splash some coffee. It seems that this exec is happy to coquette with Jenn and palm Naomi a job. Jenn is also happy to work her sorcery and seize a successful dude to form a “perfect” small family unit. It’s not until Naomi contingency hide behind into a store (and enclose a dominatrix outfit) to find a guy’s wallet that she discovers he is married. Jenn’s hopes competence be dashed, though she decides to chuck her sister some support in a form of blackmailing a exec into gripping Naomi as his eventuality planner. Maybe Jenn isn’t so bad to have around after all? Also, I’ve pronounced it before and I’ll contend it again: 90210 finds excuses to put Naomi in outlandish petty costumes every. single. week.
  • Money bags: Annie starts to spend some-more time with Preston Hollingsworth, he who “hosted” a gift eventuality that Annie botched with her naïve enthusiasm. And by spend time, we meant harass. Seriously, Annie can get in and out of his magnificent palace with some-more palliate than we can get into my apartment. we theory he doesn’t rubbish income on security, or a gate. Anyways, Annie has done it her goal to get him to take his resources severely and use it for a aloft purpose. Why on earth Annie has to get him to caring is over me—she has adequate estate income to do her possess free means though anyone else. Preston doesn’t go for Annie’s gift engineer receptacle bag line during first, though he does wish her to live a small with her income to infer she can be one with a rich lifestyle (yeah, usually go with it). He has her collect an incentive buy in an costly store though looking during a price. But afterwards he pays for it—and she learns it is a $40,000 purse. For a initial time in her life, Annie shows some common clarity and earnings a purchase. She also gives Preston utterly a debate about doing something certain with his income and earning it. He admits that he once attempted to start a repository and it failed, so apparently that was a finish of his efforts. we theory carrying a “plucky and annoying” partner like Annie gives him a rested viewpoint on a universe so he agrees to give Annie’s free business devise a shot. Looks like he competence also benefit another kind of partner by Annie, as he and Naomi have utterly a love-at-first-sight meeting.
  • Show Business Remix: Our determined song moguls Dix and Ade are pumped to have a assembly with a film writer who is deliberation their lane for an arriving film (sure). A conniving Vanessa overhears Dixon articulate about a writer recasting a partial and immediately sees it as an event for Liam—and herself—because they are both sleepy of him auditioning for indistinguishable roles like “hot guy.” Therefore, what’s a good partner to do other than harm Liam’s friends’ meeting? Vanessa schedules them during a feign assembly elsewhere, while display adult to a site of their genuine assembly and branch on a attracts to a producer. The whole thing was creepy—and it really left me wondering what accurately Vanessa did to “convince” a writer to sinecure Liam (well, we consider we can all use a imaginations). The intrigue seemed really Valerie Malone-vixen to me. Dixon and Ade are bummed that their prospects were dashed, though their attribute is, like, tighter than evah, yo. Too bad Ade quit her pursuit during Liam’s bar to make time for a assembly that never happened. Wah wah. But, Ade does learn a small tidbit from her former boss—that Vanessa “bumped” into a producer. Let’s see how prolonged it takes Ade to put a pieces together.
  • Live out loud: I am not going to give most bid to covering Silver or Ivy’s stories tonight, since a 90210 writers positively didn’t. Silver tries to confirm if she is prepared to attend NYU now that she gets word she is accepted. OK, we am super confused—I can’t keep lane of these “Am we admitted/Am we going to college?” story lines anymore since there have been too many that have left nowhere. At this indicate we can’t remember since Silver was not enrolled in college final semester, when she practical to NYU, how she can get in mid-semester or countless other sum that don’t make sense. But now that Navid is left and she is not dating anyone else, Silver is bored—so since not go to college? Except that her alloy freaks her out with speak of being tested for a breast cancer gene. 90210—please do not use a Jackie Taylor (or any other strange character) name for your show. You burnt too many bridges and took too many liberties destroying former characters, so we have customarily been means to keep examination this uncover by sanctimonious that those spin-off stories never indeed happened. Anyways, since Silver can't leave a show, it was newly employed actor Liam who assured Silver to follow her dreams and live life to fullest. In 90210 land, that means holding a pursuit as a P.A. on Liam’s film set. As for Ivy, here is one sentence: that new artist man [whom we shall call Raj 2.0] wanted her to live a small and do “dangerous” travel art, and Ivy eventually suspicion it was flattering cool.

So, what did we consider of 90210’s jubilant lapse tonight? And Jenn’s large return? How prolonged do we consider it will be before Vanessa is unprotected for being two-faced? And is Navid left for good? Or will he flunk out or skip Silver, or something lame? we do wish to give a uncover credit for a small shout-out to Shirazi Porn Studios while in a sex shop. Way to keep Navid alive in spirit!