Musing Review: Alcatraz – Paxton Petty (S1, Ep6) – VIDEO

This is a examination of Alcatraz Season 1, Episode 6 – Paxton Petty

This past week’s Alcatraz brought us behind to following a organisation lane down another prisoner, Paxton Petty.  As we expected, a altogether storyline was worse than final week’s partial (Guy Hastings), a unequivocally good one that followed a lapse of a guard.  It was again formulaic in a hunt though a writers did give us some some-more discernment into a backstory, puzzling tract elements, and impression development.  Overall a partial was decent and they’ve got me bending on too most of a poser to stop now.  Here’s what happened.

This week’s prisoner, Paxton Petty was convicted killer who planted landmines in San Francisco (SF).  He was held and brought to Alcatraz in a 60s though now he has returned and continued his methods in benefaction day.  The partial opens adult with a hideous landmine blast in a SF park.  We fast learn who a restrained is (courtesy of Diego) and learn that he was an Marine fight operative is Korea and was convicted of murdering Korean children with landmines (important to his backstory).  In a kind of good change of gait Rebecca and Diego indeed confronted Paxton within a initial integrate mins of a partial though he valid formidable to locate when he threw a landmine during Rebecca.  They start their manhunt this time with a assistance of SFPD explosve patrol consultant (and Rebecca’s friend) Matt Tanner.

Though they finished adult creation it demeanour easy Paxton was indeed tough to catch.  They had to lane down where he was removing his explosve materials.  They had to decode songs in sequence to find out where his subsequent targets are.  At one indicate Paxton got a corner on Hauser and left him for hours on a land mine.  Rebecca held him during another bombing site.  The follow didn’t finish until they had to disband a landmine Hauser was station on.  In an astonishing (at slightest to me) tract indicate Tanner mislaid his life saving Hausers.  I’ll give credit to a writers here, we suspicion they’d only leave us with an everybody lives happy ending.  Yeah, that was a simple follow story.

What was improved about this partial was a backstory, a unequivocally integrated backstory.  I’ll start with Hauser first.  I theory we missed this indicate though Hauser was not an Alcatraz ensure that transient his colleague’s disintegrating predestine though he was an SFPD Police Officer.  He was instrumental in capturing Paxton in a initial place and privately brought him over to Alcatraz in a 1960s.  Hauser and a SFPD held Paxton after 3 landmine attacks though there was a fourth plcae that they never figured out and it became a lifelong hunt for Hauser.  As Hauser forsaken off Paxton on a island he was greeted by Dr. Sangupta (Lucy Banerjee in benefaction day – some-more to come on that).  You could see an evident tie form and Hauser was a finish gentleman.

The Warden was also there to hail Paxton and he was unequivocally vigilant on anticipating out where a fourth landmine site was.  He used many means during his disposal.  He was H2O tortured by Dr. Beauregard afterwards handed over to Dr. Sangupta for a small bit nicer form of interrogation.  At initial we was a bit repelled by that.  The thought of torturing someone during an inquire doesn’t lay good with me.  I comprehend a need to get information though where’s a line.  Think of a debates of woe in a uncover “24″ that we might have had when it was on a air. It done me consider a supervisor was kind of a bad man.  He always seemed a bit creepy for my ambience and intentionally portrayed like that.  When we saw him in this episode’s light my feelings toward him incited a bit.  Yes, his methods might be oppressive (or even cruel) though he unequivocally cared about other tellurian life and only wanted to save people.

Another engaging tie was a fact that Tommy Madsen was instrumental in assisting figure out Paxton’s code.  He was used by Dr. Sangupta to figure out Paxton’s code.  In that march we found out that Madsen spent some-more time in a dispensary afterwards on work detail.  He was being tested on by Dr. Beauregard and we don’t nonetheless know why.  This’ll certainly be a thread they keep going for a while.  My theory is that it’ll tie into because he’s clearly brute and because Rebecca is so critical to Hauser in a present.  When Dr. Sangupta confronts Dr. Beauregard he tells her to not doubt things she doesn’t know about.  Before that stage ends we are told categorically that they’re meddlesome in Tommy’s blood.  Again grounded in some arrange of scholarship and that would explain because they’d be meddlesome in Rebecca (as a descendant) as well.

Back in a benefaction we learn that not even Diego knew about a womanlike alloy being on Alcatraz.  Why was this hidden?  What was she unequivocally doing there?  Of march a bigger doubt is how is she also both in a past and a present?  Did she shun most earlier, is she partial of a conspiracy?  Is a “technology” that grabbed a people off a island used by both “good” and “bad” sides?  So many questions, so few answers.

We also learn an engaging fact about how a prisoners return.  Paxton showed adult in a benefaction in a shrine in a presidio cemetery.  Seemingly a people who are determining a ’63s have a energy to manipulate where they return.  We already knew that a determining people were assisting a returnees though we know they have a energy to unequivocally batch them with lots of materials in a present.  They even have a energy to get selected equipment, in this box selected land mines that Paxton would know how to use.  They are a clearly absolute group.

So Hauser and Sangupta / Lucy have clearly had an ongoing attribute for 50 some peculiar years and Hauser seems to owe her some arrange of debt.  As a partial ends he tells Lucy (in a present) that he found a final fourth Paxton landmine site and that this work is complete.  He afterwards deduction to undo her from all a machinery, takes her out of a sanatorium behind to uncanny subterraneous benefaction day Alcatraz.  He puts her down on a table, says to Dr. Bauregard “Do we know her methods? Fix her.” and afterwards a partial ends.  Wow!  We only unequivocally don’t know what they know.

After that finish we unequivocally do wish to watch more.  I wish they mangle a mold with a baddie of a week follow and we wish they continue these integrated backstories.  They are creation a uncover for me.  What did we think?

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