Musing Review: Alcatraz – Kit Nelson / Cal Sweeney (S1, Ep3 Ep4) – VIDEO

So during a rate I’m going it’s looking like Alcatraz Musing Reviews are going to be each dual hours, contemptible about that.  Well anyways, this is a examination of deteriorate 1 episodes 3 and 4 entitled Kit Nelson and Cal Sweeney, respectively.  I’m going to take a examination from a flattering high turn and be flattering minimal on a summation apportionment given it’s a lot to summation dual episodes during once.

I’m still flattering intrigued by a uncover as we was from a beginning.  I was right with honour to my initial post that they’re going to follow a “baddie of a week” regulation with  nuggets of info about a mysteries and a whole deteriorate arc.  I consider it’ll follow that regulation for a rest of a season.  After 4 episodes that storytelling process is operative and they laid out a fact that there are so many ’63s that are blank that theoretically they could go 10-ish seasons (if a uncover goes that long).

I’m still feeling a lot of “Lost” nostalgia as are apparently many people (from a other reviews I’ve read).  For me it’s not so many Jorge Garcia (Hurley) though it’s a part storytelling method.  It’s a flashbacks and even some-more privately a jail doorway sound that separates.  Does it seem that approach to we too?

The flashbacks are indeed creation a uncover so distant and we find them a bit some-more engaging afterwards many of a benefaction day.  Present day is flattering cut and dry.  New ’63er shows up, they know who it is by their crime (is that unequivocally how it’s always going to happen?) and afterwards they have to hunt them down.  Yeah, there are a nuggets of poser though I’ll hold on that later.  They’ve started to emanate such a abounding universe in a past full of criminals, guards and officials who you’re never utterly certain of their intentions.  It’s also a good that we get to see a rapist background, it usually creates a altogether knowledge better.  It’s a approach to run dual together story lines in a same hour uncover and we like it (like we did “Lost”).

I’m not certain if a criminals will always be over a tip or if it’s usually these past two.  Kit Nelson was a unequivocally creepy child torpedo and Cal Sweeney was a small too focused on bank robbery.  The uncover is Alcatraz, yes, and a opening credits do call a prisoners some of a misfortune criminals America had ever seen though c’mon, this uncover isn’t Criminal Minds.  I wish a criminals get a small some-more formidable and a small reduction caricatures of what their crimes are.

The Warden intrigues me.  I’m not certain if we like him or hatred him.  He unequivocally has a unequivocally tough pursuit and with that pursuit he has lots of power.  Is he abusing his power?  Is it OK to retaliate those who are already criminals in a eyes of society? we don’t unequivocally know how jail wardens in genuine life operate.  What’s his attribute with E.B. (the emissary warden)?  It seems a whole lot some-more than usually a coach / mentee relationship.  Who would chuck another chairman such a birthday cooking (at a prison) if there was not a low relationship?

Back in stream day we am gratified by a impression growth they’ve given Dr. Soto.  He’s unequivocally a usually one flourishing adult so far.  He’s seen his initial passed bodies, faced some of his fears (standing adult to Kit and pushing in a automobile chase) and gained genuine life knowledge that he would have never gotten in his clearly tedious before life.  I also like how they threw in their a fact that he did his PhD on civic speculation (planning?) on Gotham City (NERD ALERT!).  I haven’t unequivocally seen many of any impression growth on Rebecca or Emerson – they’ll have to do some later.

OK, on to mysteries.  We know small many some-more about how a ’63ers left or where they were.  What we do know now is that these keys have something to do with it.  Jack Sylvane got one in a commander part and Cal Sweeney got on in part four.  Hauser knows there is a couple or else he would be molecularly examining them (thankfully it’s a bit grounded in science).  We also saw a Warden use a keys in 1963 to open adult a doorway in what seemed like a Alcatraz underground.  What’s inside that door?  Why did he have to close it adult after he sent a restrained in there?  Hmmmmm….   Was Dr. Gupta a same chairman as Lucy Banerjee or did we skip something?  If they are a same there’s another poser right there.  Why won’t Hauser tell Rebecca about a tip subterraneous Alcatraz remake?  More questions than answers …. again.

I’m going to continue to watch a uncover (maybe posting on each part in a future).  I favourite these past dual and they were good overall.  Yes, they had bad tools though a altogether story is creation adult for them.  I have hopes a story / essay continues to go well.  What did we think?  Next week is moulding adult to be interesting.  According to a brief summary we’re going to see a initial ensure reappear and will be forced to do “bad” things.

Catch adult with all a episodes on Hulu or  Watch a uncover Mondays during 8 on Fox.  I’m going to try embedding both episodes below.  However, they might usually be accessible for a certain time.

Episode 3 – Kit Nelson

Episode 4 – Cal Sweeney