Musing Review: Alcatraz – Guy Hastings (S1, Ep5) – VIDEO

This is a examination of Alcatraz Season 1, Episode 5 – Guy Hastings

I’ve got to contend that this part of Alcatraz felt utterly refreshing.  Although we never unequivocally left a prescribed format of a past 4 episodes a fact that it focused on a good guy, a guard, unequivocally altered a altogether feel.  I favourite a episode.  The story was good done, had a lot of good undertones and supposing us with some new revelations and of course, some-more questions.

This week’s part focused on Guy Hastings, played unequivocally good by Jim Parrack (whom we commend good as Hoyt from True Blood), one of a blank guards.  Guy was a not usually a guard, yet a ensure trainer.  When we found him he was behind in his aged Alcatraz unit looking for memories of home.  He assaults a park ranger, gets a gun and starts on a hunt for Tommy Madsen (Rebecca’s grandfather).

This time, a contingent of Rebecca, Diego and Hauser do not have a prior M.O. to start their hunt for Guy.  They’re flattering clueless until Rebecca get’s a call that her uncle, Ray Archer is missing.  We already knew that Ray was also a ensure during Alcatraz and a flashbacks started to tell that story and we got to see some unequivocally engaging interactions.

The flashbacks started with a immature Ray Archer being taught by Guy Hastings how to be a a guard.  On their initial travel by a disaster gymnasium Tommy famous Ray and kick him with a tray until a quarrel was damaged up.  Now because would that happen?  While being stitched adult a Warden and Deputy supervisor doubt because this would occur and Ray claims to have no thought and that he doesn’t even know Tommy.  Guy is a small bit doubtful yet in a finish they let him keep his job.

As they pierce on in a flashback storyline Guy and Ray build a attribute together.  Guy teaches Ray that he needs to have “respect” of a inmates and he has to set an instance of Tommy.  After doubt one final time about either Ray has a attribute with Tommy, Guy sets adult a conditions where Ray beats adult Tommy in front of a whole dungeon block.  After that happens we do learn that they did know any other during a stage between a dual of them.

Guy was always doubtful of either or not Tommy and Ray had a attribute so in a benefaction he kidnapped Ray during gunpoint and demanded he helped him find Tommy.  Of march Ray denies it and they spend a integrate of scenes loitering until they get to a final stage of a episode.  Guy did figure out that Rebecca is Tommy’s granddaughter though.

Meanwhile Rebecca and Diego make some discoveries of their possess on their hunt for Ray.  This one is utterly a large revelation.  Yes, Tommy and Ray had a attribute alright, a patrimonial relationship.  Tommy and Ray are brothers!  Ray had altered his final name in sequence to get a pursuit during Alcatraz in a initial place.  Using this newfound information and a design that Ray had given Rebecca they know that they can finish their hunt for Ray and Guy during Ray / Tommy’s aged residence in a San Francisco neighborhood.

The dispute ends when everybody ends adult during a residence together (including Hauser – who was tracking Rebecca / Diego all along).  Guy manages to take Rebecca during gunpoint yet Hauser and Rebecca disband him adequate with a multiple of threats and talks of his daughter that Rebecca has adequate time to fire him in a leg / feet and get out of there.

As a part ends Hauser let’s Guy see his daughter and grandchildren from a distance. Hauser says he’s contemptible that Guy was only a good male held adult in a bad mess.  Although they don’t uncover it categorically I’m certain he was taken behind to 21st century subterraneous Alcatraz for “safe keeping.”  Before a credits rolled we did get dual some-more revelations.  It turns out Ray has famous all along about Tommy’s lapse and has already had hit with him.  Ray was indeed gripping Tommy protected in his aged house.  Ray now wants to keep Tommy away.  Also Rebecca mines Hauser for some information and she learns accurately how profitable she is to a investigation.  Maybe this’ll give her a leg adult so she can get some answers.

I unequivocally favourite a fact that this part was themed around family ties.  Ray and Tommy have a prolonged and formidable attribute and Ray would go by good lengths to “protect” his brother.  Guy’s family ties are what eventually diffused a gunpoint conditions in a house.  I adore when they can thread themes together good by opposite storylines.

Of march a part generated some-more questions.  In particular, is Tommy a rogue? Did he get sent behind but permission?  Did he shun his “captors?”  We know that he showed adult clearly progressing than many of a other prisoners from a past 4 episodes.  We also know that Guy was sent behind to hunt him down.  I theory we’ll find out as a deteriorate progresses.  Are a guards always going to be “better men?”

One final note about a part is that I’m digging on a fact they’re perplexing to explain these reappearances around science.  I’ve always been a fan of scholarship novella so we like it.  It also only seems to “ground” a episodes in a certain way.

The subsequent part seems to be centering around another prisoner.  I wish it’s as lovely as Guy Hasting’s.  Watch Alcatraz Monday Nights on Fox.  Catch adult on or Hulu.  Also try examination next (while a video is available).