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Season 3, Episode 14
Me? Jealous?

Although this was not a Valentine’s Day themed part and there were no appearances by Clive Bixby as in years past, tonight’s new Modern Family did take a gash during jealousy. But jealousy didn’t back a conduct in a normal sense, and that was refreshing!

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Phil is unfortunate to stir a intensity genuine estate customer named Tad. No offense to anyone named Tad out there—but let’s only contend that Greg Kinnear played this egotastic apparatus to a tee. Claire and Phil do a good pursuit putting adult with his stories and booze snobbery, though Phil fails to notice that Tad is also disposed to kissing Claire on a lips when entering or leaving. Blame it on Phil’s male vanquish or his finish engrossment with creation a good impression. Claire does her best to let it slip (not easy for her) until they revisit his home and she realizes he flattering most kisses all his womanlike kin like that. Just as she starts to disencumber adult and relax, that’s when a jealousy cranks adult in Phil….but not for what we competence think. When Claire starts shouting a small too tough during Tad’s jokes, that is channel a line in Phil’s book. Humor is Phil’s manhood—don’t make him a cuckold by shouting during another man’s jokes.

  • “He got divorced and his whole life non-stop up! The guy’s vital a dream….[pause] his dream” (Phil purgation about Tad)
  • “You can lick my wife. You can take her to bed. But we can’t make her laugh” (Phil has to re-punctuate that one a few times)
  • “You laughed like it’s who’s on first” (Phil); “What?” (Claire); “What’s on third” (Phil going for a barbarous wordplay)
  • “You can feign anything we wish with me, though not your laugh” (Phil, of course)

Who’s a Boss?
With Cam, Mitch and Lily crashing during a Pritchett-Delgado home while theirs is fumigated, mother-hen tensions arise and things get a small loud for Jay. By distant my favorite moments in tonight’s part concerned Cam and Gloria any being annoyed as a other infringed on their territories.  Cam takes full assign of housewife duties and rearranges Gloria’s kitchen so it “makes sense.” Meanwhile, Gloria gets a possibility to be live-in mommy to her heavenly small Lily. She “fixes” her hair and buys them relating mamma baby leopard-print jackets. Cam and Gloria strife so most given they are indeed dual peas in a pod (or dual divas in a household)—who give matching complaints to a camera and matching eye rolls. Their dispute comes to conduct as a dual try to prepare in a kitchen, and an heated tango of emotions ensues. Ultimately, they any comprehend that a other was indeed being demure and they were simply jealous.

  • “Kinda like The Help, solely Delilah was white and was indeed herself utterly a racist” (Cam articulate about his grandma’s maid)
  • “Oh let me repair your hair” (Gloria to Lily); “I didn’t comprehend her hair was broken” (Cam to a camera)

Full House
In other family news—and in a obtuse stories of a evening—Jay kept pestering Mitchell with sore counsel jokes while Mitchell prepared for a unequivocally critical business meeting. This story didn’t unequivocally supplement most to a altogether part or give us any new take on a characters…other than Jay revelation his son he unequivocally is unapproachable of his law skills (but it’s protected to contend we all knew that). The Dunphy children were bustling with their possess squabbles as well, given Hayley had to indeed proffer as a Big Sister (after she filled out college applications carrying capitalized a “B” and a “S”). As Claire hilariously put it—this is really “BS.” This led to Alex feeling sceptical when Hayley indeed favourite her Little Sister and was fervent to spend time with her. Their fighting led to bad Luke feeling unhappy in all a large and small sisters and—to his horror—being subjected to another turn of dress-up time. Smile, Betty Luke!

  • Mrs. Hayley Jonas Brothers (apparently how Hayley used to cover a backs of drawings and notebooks as a pre-teen)
  • “That’s mean!” (Alex’s response on training that not-so-bright Hayley is assisting her Little Sister with homework)
  • “I consider your sister’s insane during a sister” (Little Sister Annie to a confused Luke)
  • “Be normaler” (Luke tries to get his sisters to act like sisters again)

This summation wouldn’t be finish though a shout-out to Manny, who flew underneath a radar though supposing a unequivocally profitable and judicious use to mixed family members: dispute resolution. As a child of divorce, he knew that a personal story—true or not—that shares identical sum to a problems of others can go a prolonged approach to opening people’s eyes. Or not. we give Manny an “A” for effort—and humor.