Lawmakers Join in Support of Legislative Proposals to Expand School Choice for Florida’s Students


February 27, 2012

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Lawmakers Join in Support of Legislative Proposals to Expand School Choice for Florida’s Students

Senator Stephen Wise and Representative Erik Fresen Applaud Supporters during School Choice Day in Tallahassee

Senator Stephen Wise (R-Jacksonville) and Representative Erik Fresen (R-Miami) final Wednesday assimilated Governor Rick Scott, associate lawmakers, relatives and teachers in support of expanding propagandize choice and entrance to peculiarity preparation to all of Florida’s students.

“We had a good turnout, and we am beholden to Governor Scott, my associate colleagues in a Legislature and all a relatives and supporters who showed adult in Tallahassee,” pronounced Senator Wise. “All politics aside, this emanate is about a children and a form and peculiarity of preparation that we can offer them. They merit any and each event we can yield for them to find a educational indication that can accommodate their singular needs.”

“This is because we have due legislation, now and in a past, to make certain all of a students are treated fairly,” combined Senator Wise. “My stream offer to extend a open licence propagandize students with some-more dollars, and concede for them to have equal opportunities, would safeguard relatives that this is a viable choice for their children’s preparation and that they will be treated fairly.”

Senate Bill 1852, sponsored by Senator Wise, would settle equal appropriation and equal opportunities for Florida’s open licence propagandize students by requiring normal propagandize districts to share internal millage, proportionally and on a per-student basis, for open licence schools to use to build some-more schools. Further,Senate Bill 1852 would assistance safeguard that taxpayer dollars that go to a preparation complement are being used some-more well by sanctioning high-performing (A or B) schools to replicate adult to 3 new schools per year for open licence propagandize students.

Among a legislators respected during final week’s School Choice Rally was Representative Erik Fresen, who perceived a Golden Apple Award from a National Coalition for Public School Options for his consistent loyalty and support of providing some-more propagandize choice to Florida’s relatives and students.

“We were anxious to have so many of a colleagues and advocates join us in a call to discharge existent barriers for propagandize choice and disciple for estimable appropriation for all of a students,” pronounced Representative Fresen. “It is needed that we introduce and pass legislation this year that will supply Florida’s public, open licence and practical schools with estimable and correct appropriation to opposite a detriment of dollars that has negatively influenced a viability of some of a schools as a propagandize choice for relatives and students.”

“We have to work to emanate a horizon that ensures some-more choices for students and parents,” combined Representative Fresen. “Not each child can learn or be desirous to grasp a same way, and we owe it to a kids to give them a options and a right collection to assistance them succeed.”

In assemblage during School Choice Day to uncover their support for expanding propagandize choice in Florida were Governor Rick Scott, Senator John Thrasher, Former Senator Al Lawson, Representative Kelli Stargel, Representative Janet Adkins and Representative Erik Fresen. Also in assemblage were Florida Commissioner of Education Gerard Robinson, President and CEO of a Florida Charter School Alliance Cheri Shannon, Florida Chapter President of a National Coalition for Public Schools Jeaneen Boyas and President and CEO of Associated Industries of Florida Tom Feeney.